Benefits of Using A Bidet You Should Know

Even though bidet has been popular in Asia, Europe, and South America for a long time, it is still relatively new for Americans. Why should you buy a bidet? I want to share with you some benefits of using a bidet to make your mind ditch the toilet paper for it. 

benefit of bidets

There are some pros of bidet you may have never thought about before. Without further ado, let’s see what they are.

Bidet is more environmentally friendly

toilet paper is bad for environment

When we go to the bathroom, we will use toilet paper. However, have you thought about how much waste we can cause by this daily action. 

An average American uses over 140 rolls of T.P. per year, and each roll of T.P. will need 1.5 pounds of wood to produce. The U.S. has only 4% of the world’s population, but our consumption of T.P. accounts for 20% of the world. 

You may have noticed some recycled toilet paper sold in the store. However, its market share is less than 2 percent, meaning that most toilet paper comes from the forests directly. 

Do you know that it will take 37 gallons of water to make one roll of toilet water? So using toilet paper would negatively affect both water resources and forest resources to a large extent. 

Compared to toilet paper, every use of bidet only takes about 1/8th gallon of water and 1 or 2 sheets of toilet paper if you don’t want to wait for a dryer to dry your butt. Hence, it would help you save a lot of trees and water in the long run, which is essential for our environment. This is a benefit for our human beings.

Using a bidet can bring you a cleaner butt

Toilet paper is not as clean and effective as you expect. The chemicals in the T.P. could be harmful to your health. When you wipe with T.P., it will leave some residues on your skin. 

Water is a great clean agent in our history, proven to be effective by the science of today as well. Curious about how a bidet works? The power of a bidet lies in the effectiveness of water. 

By washing your genital and anal area with a proper pressurized stream of water, your urine and stool will be taken away thoroughly without leaving any remains. 

Picture this: you will take a shower instead of wiping yourself with a few sheets of toilet paper after a workout or a day of hard work. Then you will understand better why using a bidet would make your butt cleaner.

Will not spray poop everywhere

I don’t want to gross you out, but it is very easy for us to spray poop to other places even though we can’t tell by our eyes. 

When we try to wipe our butt with toilet paper, our hands could in touch with the poop-containing particles and then spray to other places. If you forget to close the lid, then these particles would spray all over your bathroom through flushing.

By using a bidet, you can have a hand-free experience. It often comes with a self-close lid, making these particles flush away from pipes. 

This benefit is one that you tend to ignore but could play a vital role in your personal hygiene. The bidet will not splash poop everywhere.

Using a bidet can save more money

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Japanese electric bidets that cost hundred dollars are not expensive, but it is an investment that could last for a decade or at least a few years.

You could save about 75% on toilet paper after turning to a bidet. The average annual expenditure on cleansing and toilet tissue, paper towels, and napkins in the US is 123.1 dollars in 2020, so you can save about 92 dollars per year. 

In general, most bidet attachments and handheld sprayers cost less than 100 dollars and you can find a number of great bidet seats under 500 dollars. Check here to know more about how much a bidet cost.

Yes, you have to be more upfront, but using a bidet could save you more money in the long run. 

Reduce the risks of infections for women

When you wipe with toilet paper, you should follow a front-to-back role so as to decrease the risks of UTIs or other infections. 

Bidet is much safer for women. There are different nozzles or modes to take care of different parts of your butt so they will be cleaned separately. If you have a handheld sprayer, then you can control the water stream in a front-to-back direction with a breeze. 

Women and girls could benefit from these designs by preventing poops from moving to the vulva. The water stream is also effective in washing away blood during menstruation, making you feel fresh all day long.

Help aging adults and people with mobility issues enjoy a more independent life

seniors with mobility issues

When I talk about the history of the bidet, I have mentioned an American gentleman  Arnold Cohen who invented the bidet seat. The reason why he wants to create it is to make his father clean himself easier. 

The pro of bidet is that you don’t need to reach down to wipe, which could be a hassle as we age. Moreover, some models come with an auto open and close lid and remote control, which could make your toileting easier. 

Maintaining independence is critical for seniors and people with disabilities. It is also a godsend for women during pregnancy. 

Relieve anus pressure and lower your risk of hemorrhoids

Pressure on the lower rectum is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Wiping with toilet paper could cause irritation on your anus, but washing with a water stream could help to relieve the pressure on this part. It will benefit both women and men a lot considering how many hours we sit on the chair per day.

Bidet is more comfortable to use

pros of bidet

We have enumerated a few benefits of using a bidet already, but our experience is one of the most factors while we make a purchase. 

Rest assured, most people who have used a bidet will never go back to just TP. The gentle water stream results in a more relaxed toileting experience. It would not cause any damage and irritation to your butt which is known for sensitivity for most users.

When you have some health conditions related to these areas, wiping with toilet paper could be very painful and even cause a worse situation. In this case, bidet could definitely make your life easier.

Less plumbing issues

You know how annoying and costly it will be to unclog a toilet and sewer pipe and toilet paper is always the culprit. 

When you install a bidet, the consumption of toilet paper would be significantly reduced, causing fewer plumbing problems than before.  If you have a powerful bidet with an effective dryer, you can ditch the toilet paper forever. 

Anyway, you can save a bunch of time and money on the plumbing issues that seems inevitable for the household. 

Sum up

Why you should buy a bidet? We are sure that these benefits of using a bidet in this post could convince you a bit. It is not only important for improving your personal hygiene but helpful in improvising independence for seniors, women during pregnancy, and people with mobility issues.

It will cost you some money upfront but could save you more, in the long run, comparing using toilet paper. I hope you will enjoy your journey of bidet and benefit a lot from using it.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.