7 Types of Bidets: Pick The Right One For Yourself

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When it comes to being super hygienic, toilet paper simply fails. It fails to clean you properly and simply ends up irritating you. Perhaps this is why most countries in Europe and Asia have resorted to using bidets.

types of bidets

There are various types of bidets in the market nowadays and this post will help you to understand what they are and which one can fit you best.

Types of Bidets You Must Know

Bidets are as old as the 18th century. Since then, they have seen numerous innovations and design changes. There are many types of bidets available in the market. These are:

1. Standalone Bidets

types of bidets

Standalone bidets are also known as ceramic bidets. The standalone bidet is an entirely separate unit inside the bathroom, different from the toilet.

These are the more conventional devices as they have been used for centuries. These types are more common in Europe and a few countries in South America.

Using them can be a little complicated. The taps at the end of the bidet can be used to adjust the flow of water. You will also be able to adjust the water temperature.

However, the standalone bidets do have their disadvantages. They can often take up much more space, which is why they are not suited for modern bathrooms.

They require separate plumbing fixtures to provide you with water. Plus, they require you to move from the toilet to it, which can get messy.

However, if you do have a larger bathroom, they will add a certain class and sophistication to the look of your bathroom.

2. Electric Bidet Toilet Seats

kinds of bidets

Started by TOTO in Japan, electric bidet toilet seats become more and more popular worldwide.

These bidet seats come with a bidet incorporated into them at the bottom. You will need to replace your original toilet seat.

Electric bidet toilet seats are much more expensive than their non-electric counterparts. These are equipped with countless features which help with comfort and hygiene. These bidets use electricity to operate.

These electric bidets allow you to use warm water for added comfort! What’s more, is that you can even heat the toilet seat. They even allow you to adjust the spray pressure to one which suits.

These even have extra features such as an air deodorizer, air dryer, and self-cleansing wands. All these features are controlled remote control or a remote panel by the side. The more the features, the higher the prices tend to be.

3. Non-electric Bidet Toilet Seats

Non-electric bidet seats look similar to electric bidet seats but they are directly connected to the plumbing. These use pressurized water to help spray jet streams. A mechanical lever or a knob is present on the side of the seat to allow you to adjust the pressure of the stream.

Some models can provide warm water as long as you understand how to get the hot water from your hotline supply. Other features may include a self-cleaning wand and dual nozzles.

However, when it comes to a comparison between electric and non-electric bidets, their features are limited and their cost is correspondingly low.

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4. Handheld Bidet Sprayers

best hand held bidet sprayer

A hand-held bidet is basically a hose connected to the plumbing with a sprayer at the other end. People also refer to it as a bidet shower, bum gun, or bidet hose.

This type of bidet is quite popular in Muslim communities. It is quite easy to use, easy to install and affordable as well. You can use it to clean the shower wall, rinse off your pets or wash the diapers.

It doesn’t have any luxury features as it is not powered by electricity. It can, however, tap into your home’s supply of warm water for a more comfortable experience.

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5. Portable Bidets

portable bidet

Portable Bidets are a savior to those who are used to using a bidet and want to continue it while traveling. These are also known as travel bidets or bidet bottles.

The portable bidet is actually a simple water bottle with an extended and angled nozzle at the top.

Portable bidets are also available in an electronic version. These are powered by batteries and deliver a much better spray than bottle one.

Many people do use them at home as it is space-saving and cheap. But they tend to be harder to use for those with disabilities.

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6. Bidet Attachments


One common fault you might find with toilet seat bidets is that these seats have a specific size. This means that they only fit certain toilets.

With bidet attachments, you need not worry if it will fit your toilet. Whatever the size, they will fit quite snugly on your toilet bowl under your existing toilet seat.

One reason why people choose this type of bidet is that it is very affordable. However, they lack in a lot of features that are usually present in a toilet seat bidet. For example, there is no air dryer or deodorizer. This may be because they are not electrically powered.

However, some models such Neo 320 from Luxe Bidet tend to allow you to tap into your home’s warm water supply.

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7. Toilets with Built-in Bidets:

bidet toilet combo

If you are planing remodelling your bathroom, you could consider installing a bidet toilet combo. It could bring you the ultimate luxurious experience which is even better than the electric bidet seats.

Since the unit is a seamless one, you won’t face problems such as the seat coming loose due to the high pressure of the bidet or the toilet seat and the toilet color not matching.

It often comes with an auto flushing function that will flush the toilet automatically after you leave the toilet. It also includes almost all the features that a luxury bidet seat would have.

However, these units are much more expensive.

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Bidets are available in a number of different types. It all depends on the kind of features you want and your budget.

If you’re willing to sacrifice features for an antique look, then the standalone will suit you better. However, for more affordable options, you can try the handheld sprayer, bidet attachment, or perhaps the non-electric seat.

For those who do not want to be sprayed with cold water, electric toilet seat bidets and toilet bidet combos can be the suitable option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more hygienic way of going to the bathroom while traveling then the portable bidet can be your savior!

All in all, whichever type you choose, it is bound to leave you with a fresh, clean, and comfortable feel!

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