Do Bidets Get Poop On Them? Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

While it may be a question that will gross you out, but it is something many people asked me before. Do bidets spray poop everywhere? Do bidets get poop on them?

do bidet get poop on them

When you start to use or think about buying a bidet, you can’t help worrying about these problems. Luckily, manufactures have taken these issues into account and provided excellent solutions. 

You can rest assured that bidets will not spray poop everywhere as long as your bidet has proper water pressure and correct nozzle positions. A bidet will not get poop on itself as well. However, splashing is possible in rare cases, and there are a few ways to prevent it with a breeze.

In this post, you will get the information you need at your fingertip to understand why and how a bidet works to prevent spraying poop everywhere.

Why Won’t Bidets Get Poop On Them?

Even though we mentioned above that bidets don’t get poop on them, you may still feel doubtful about our conclusion. We will explain the reasons in this section.

If you are using a handheld sprayer, you can control the nozzle freely, and it will stay far away from your butt. The poop will go directly into the bowl, and the sprayer is in your hand. No poop will get on it anyway.

Most people concerned about this problem use electric bidet seats or bidet attachments. As the nozzles are located under the seat, it will raise the worry of whether or not it will be contaminated when using the bidet or doing your business.  We will show you how the designers of bidet seats ideally avoid this issue from happening.

The nozzle will stay behind the gate when not in use

When you are doing your business, the bidet will not work. It means that the nozzles will stay behind the guard gate to prevent any splashing or splash-back. So the poop will never get onto the nozzles at this point. Both the attachment and electric models have this design.

Self-cleaning nozzles

Most electric bidet toilet seats and more and more attachments have self-cleaning nozzles. Some will clean the nozzle after each use, and some will clean the nozzles before and after each use. Some advanced models use other technologies except for rinsing it with plenty of water. 

For example, some TOTO bidets will use electrolyzed water to clean inside and outside the wand to keep hygiene further, and the Kohler bidets use UV light to sterilize the nozzles. 

If there is any poop on the wand, it will be washed away thoroughly.

Angled soft water stream

The nozzles will not touch the toilet water in any circumstances. When the bidet is working, the nozzle will go out from the guard gate but still don’t stay very close to your bum. 

If you don’t know, the nozzle is angled, and the water stream doesn’t prop out just under your bum. In this way, the poop washed down will not pollute the wand and go directly into the toilet bowl. 

On top of it, the water stream is relatively narrow and soft. It will not cause the poop to splash out and accidentally drop on the nozzle.

You see, these bidet brands have found a few ways to protect their bidets from getting poop on themselves. Your bidet will be clean whenever you want to use it.

Do bidets spray poop all over the place?

As we said, the water stream of a bidet is generally gentle so that it will not disperse the poop-containing droplets on your butt or the wall of the toilet bowl above the water. The poop will be rinsed away with water and go to the bowl without causing splashing from the toilet. Therefore, bidets will not spray poop all over the place. 

Self-closing lid

Poop-containing particles spray all over the bathroom by flushing the toilet if the lid is not closed. Most bidet seats have a self-closing lid, allowing you to flush the toilet without spraying the wasters. If you are using a handheld sprayer or attachment, you should remind yourself to close the lid anytime after using the bathroom.

Standalone bidet

If you have a standalone bidet, the situation can vary a bit. As it takes advantage of the water supply at home directly, the water pressure could be high, making it possible to cause poop splashing.

But you can avoid it by doing a bit of pre-wiping. Standalone bidet is a unique kind of sink, and pre-wipe the poop would avoid any content leaving in the sink.

What about diarrhea?

Diarrhea or loose stool is the culprit of a smelly mess in the bathroom. It will splash all over the bowl that will cause embarrassment and discomfort. 

Using a bidet will not worse this situation. The water stream can take care of it and will not make it spread out on your skin as long as it is not too strong. It will not result in splash-back in the toilet water as the water stream becomes broader and softer after rinsing your butt.

Latent poop

The simulation of bidet washing could lead to pooping again.  This is the only occasion that I found the bidet will spray the poop everywhere in the toilet bowl. The poop will be dispersed by the water stream and cause a mess. 

You could avoid it by stoping your bidet immediately.

How to Prevent Bidet Splashes?

Bidets will not spray or splash poop in most cases. But if you use it in the wrong way, it will increase the risk of splashing.

Allow bidet water to clean the right place

Each bidet seat comes with a few spray modes, allowing it to clean different parts of your butt thoroughly. They have two nozzles to clean lazy bits and anus, even bidet attachments. 

You should set the proper mode and adjust your sitting position so that the water stream will work as expected without extra splashes.

Adjust water pressure

bidet water pressure setting

When the water pressure is too high, it could lead to the bidet starting to spray out poop-containing particles. This is not common in electric bidet seats but could happen in attachments, sprayers, and non-electric bidet seats.

Given that these types of bidets make use of the tap water directly, the water pressure could be as high as your home’s water pressure.

We suggest you start from the lowest pressure setting to see which is the most suitable option for you.

Fix plumbing issue 

If you think the lowerest water pressure setting is too strong to prevent splashes, you may need to check your plumbing. Besides, installing a water filter could lower the pressure as well.


You don’t need to wipe after using a bidet, and pre-wiping is unnecessary either. However, if a large poop stick to your butt unintentionally, pre-wiping could be an excellent method to avoid any mess that might occur.

It will only cost you one or two sheets of toilet paper but save a bunch of time to clean the toilet or standalone bidet later.

Eat healthy food

Food will affect the form of your stool to a large extent. Eating healthy food that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits could make sure the poop is not too hard or too soft and is easy to be removed by bidet water. 

The water stream that is too high may cause a splash when you have loose poop, but it rarely happens when you have a regular bowel movement.


We busted a few myths about the relationship between poop and bidet in this post. Do bidets get poop on them? No, bidet nozzles have a self-cleaning function and prop out water angled. The poop can’t leave and hit the nozzles. 

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere? No, the bidet water stream is narrow, gentle and pressurized, allowing it to take away your poop completely and smoothly without causing any splash-back. The water and poop-containing particles will go into the toilet water without splashing up to your butt again.

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