About Better Home Pursuits

Better Home Pursuits is a website focusing on providing useful information for people who want to know how to use a bidet or which bidet is the best for them.

We understand that “Bidet” is a relatively new word to a lot of you. Therefore we try to explain and guide you in a simple way. Except for buying guides, we also include some background info, allowing you to know which type or which brand of bidet will cater to your needs.

Benefits of using a bidet are numerous, we wish you can start your bidet journey from reading the posts on our site.

About Kevin:

Kevin Chow is the co-founder as well as writer of Better Home Pursuits. He is an engineer and likes to stay with his family, decorate his home, and test all the interesting gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan, and he had tried a few brands and knew quite well of them.