How Does A Bidet Work? We Covered All Types

“Bidet” is a new word to many people in the US, even though the old-style bidet has existed for about 400 years. Before you get on to this bandwagon, you may wonder how a bidet works.

how does a bidet work

Bidet works by using water to clean your butt. It seems very easy but still involves some technologies.

This post will cover all the critical information to let you understand how bidets work exactly and why I love bidets so much!

How do bidets work generally?

Except for knowing how to use a bidet, most of us also want to know how does a bidet work as it will help us bust some myths about bidet.

As we know, water is always used for cleaning for a long time. We use water to wash our body, hand, and face every day. Water molecules are polar, and it works like a magnet to take away the dirt and debris. You can watch the video below to why water is a promising agent for cleaning.

Unlike toilet paper to wipe your butt, bidet works by releasing a water stream to wash away your urine and stool. Compared to toilet paper, water is more environment-friendly, free of extra chemicals, cheaper, and seems more effective (more on that below).

The mechanism of bidets is simple but effective. It is not something with fancy ideas; it does work in our real lives.

There are several types of bidets, and the mechanism varies a bit. So I want to explain how do bidets work according to type.

How do electric bidet toilet seats work?

Ask some people who have traveled back from Japan what is the most impressive thing there, and I bet at least one of them will tell you is the electric bidet toilet seat.

The electric bidet seat comes with a T-valve which you need to attach to the pipe that sends water to the toilet. Then it will divert water into two directions through two hoses. One will go to the toilet, and the other will go to the bidet seat.

The electric bidet seat is powered by electricity so that it is able to embrace a number of great features. It doesn’t need hot water from plumbing because it has an internal heater to heat the water. The motor could regulate the water pressure precisely, and a few spray modes are available. The wands go forward and upward to clean your butt thoroughly and gently. 

Thanks to the electricity, the seat is heated, and it is a godsend for people who live in cold areas.

How does a non-electric bidet seat work?

Yes, it is also a bidet seat but doesn’t require electricity like the model we mentioned above. You have to replace your old toilet seat with it, and it has one or two wands embedded.  

The nozzles work by using the tap water directly. So the water is unheated, and the water stream sprays out by making use of the home’s water pressure.

Actually, by installing a T-connector, the bidet seat gets the cold tap water from the toilet line, just other types of bidets.   You are not going to get the advanced features that an electric one has. But it works well on cleaning your butt still.     

How do bidet attachments work?

As the name of the bidet attachment suggests, it looks like a small attachment to the toilet. A plain plate stays underneath the end of the toilet seat and a side panel to control the water pressure or even temperature. 

Using a T-valve, part of tap water that goes to the toilet will be sent to the attachment and then prop out from the nozzles. Don’t worry, and bidet water is from your home’s water supply instead of recycled toilet water.

If you have a dual temp attachment, there is an extra hose to get hot water from the plumbing under your sink nearby. The hot water and cold water will be mixed in the attachment, and you can control the temperature by turning the knob on the side panel. 

No electricity is required. Bidet attachment makes use of your home’s water supply directly without using any motor or pressure regulator. So the maximum pressure of an attachment would be pretty high.

How do handheld bidet sprayers work?

how does a handheld bidet sprayer work

The mechanism of the handheld bidet is very close to the mechanism of attachment. It works by spraying water to your butt. You will hold it like holding a handheld showerhead even though the aiming place is different.

Using a T-adapter in the toilet line, parts of tap water will go to the sprayer. Then by taking advantage of the pressure from tap water, the water could wash away your poop thoroughly. You could adjust the temperature by using the trigger or changing the spray pattern.

If you have a dual-temp model, you will need an extra t-adaptor to get hot water from the sink and a mixing valve to mix the cold water and hot water accordingly.

It comes with a flexible and long hose, allowing you to spray the water wherever you want. Therefore, you should use it to clean the sink, ground, or mirror. 

How does a standalone bidet work?

how does a standalone bidet work

Standalone bidet is not typical in the US. You can find them in Europe or some old hotels. It is different from other types mentioned above except that it uses water to clean your anus and vulva. 

You could treat it as a small sink with a faucet on top of it. So the water will come from the plumbing directly, and you can control the temperature and pressure the same as controlling a faucet in the kitchen.

Sum up

Understanding how does a bidet work is vital for a newcomer. We answered this question elaborately based on the types of bidets. By using a hygienic splash of water, any bidet could clean your butt thoroughly. 

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.