How Much Does A Bidet Cost?

Except for people from Japan or some specific area, not many people know too much about bidets. No matter you want to protect the environment or improving the toileting experience, investing in a bidet is a good choice. Curious about how much does a bidet cost? Honestly, it varies from type to type and we will discuss it accordingly. Read on!

how much does a bidet cost

Understand The Types Of Bidets

how much is a bidet

Before we go deep into “how much does a bidet cost”, you should know that there are a few types of bidets which make a huge difference in price.

The electronic bidet seat often costs a few hundred dollars as it often comes with some advanced features and you can control it through a side panel or remote control. The nozzles, deodorizer, and dryers help you to get thoroughly clean. The different water temperatures and pressures cater to the different needs of your family members.

If you want the premium experience, you could think about purchasing a bidet toilet combo or a smart toilet. In this way, you can get a new toilet and bidet seat together and most of them blend with each other seamlessly. It also includes an auto open and close lid. However, a good bidet toilet combo may cost you a few thousand dollars.

Some of you may be new to the world of bidet and just want to have a try, then purchasing a bidet attachment could be an ideal option. Normally, a bidet attachment may cost dozens of dollars which will not be a big concern for you. It is non-electric and just an attachment to your original toilet seat. You can get cold or warm water through your own water supply. The water temperature is also adjustable.

If you prefer a non-electric bidet seat, there are a lot of products for you to choose from as well. The cost often ranges from dozens of dollars to one hundred dollars above. The feature is similar to the bidet attachment though.

Another non-electric option is the bidet sprayer. It is a handheld sprayer that you can use to clean your butt. It is located around the toilet and we think it is not a good choice for people with some specific mobility issues.

For people who love traveling, a portable bidet comes in handy. It is very cheap and made of plastic. Most of them are squeeze bottles. For people who want to enjoy the bidet during their journey, it is a simple and cheap solution.

How Much Does A Bidet Toilet Seat Cost?

A good electric bidet seat often cost from 200 dollars to around 1000 dollars. Generally speaking, the more features you get, the more money you will pay.

For example, the lower-end bidet seat has a water tank which makes it a bit bulky, but the mid to high-end one comes with a tankless design which also means you will get endless warm water. The deodorizer is also something that appears in middle to high-end models which helps you to fresh the air in the bathroom. The luxury bidet seat would embrace more nozzle movement options such as pulsating and massaging.

If you are looking for the auto open and close lid, the models which include this feature may cost you more than 700 dollars.

However, if you just need some basic functions, a good non-electric bidet seat is durable and may only cost you dozens of dollars.

As for the brand, the TOTO and Kohler usually have a higher price tag.

How Much Does A Bidet Toilet Combo Cost?

This type of bidet is the most advanced model in this industry. Some people call it a bidet toilet combo and others call it a smart toilet. If you happen to have a new house or have more budget, you should go for it.

Generally speaking, you will need to spend a few thousand dollars to have it. Yes, you may get a combo at a much lower price such as the Woodbridge one but most of them range from 1500 dollars to 5000 dollars.

How Much Does A Bidet Attachment Cost?

Installing a bidet attachment could be a good option for people on a budget or just want to know if the bidet is a good fit for your family.

You can find hundreds of attachable bidets below 50 dollars and a lot of them are highly rated products such as the luxe bidet attachment.

Usually, the water spray of bidet attachments is cold. Luckily, there are a few models that can connect with your hot water and some models can change the nozzle angle. However, it also means you need to pay some extra money. A famous brand in this category is Tushy and you will know more about it by reading our Tushy bidet review.

How Much Does A Bidet Sprayer Cost?

How Much Does A Bidet Sprayer Cost

You can get a good handheld bidet sprayer at around 30 dollars. It is another cheap choice to consider. You can attach it to the water tank of your toilet and the water pressure is adjustable.

Actually, the bidet sprayer is multifunctional. It works not only to clean your feminine area but do a good job of washing your pet or anything else.

Some of them cost more due to the different materials and designs. We advise you to pay a bit more as you will get a more solid sprayer, hoses, and valve.

How Much Does A Travel Bidet Cost?

A portable travel bidet will only cost you a few bucks to dozens of dollars due to the fact that most of them are just a plastic bottle.

Some of them can be squeezed into a small one or are foldable while traveling, some of them can’t. If you would like to purchase an electronic one, then you may need to spend more than 50 dollars.

You don’t need to install it anywhere, just fill it with some water and it will start to work for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Bidet Installed

I will say the cost of installing a bidet could be zero no matter which kind of bidet you have. The truth is that installing a bidet is easy and you can get it done by yourself.

However, if you have no time, your outlet doesn’t meet the standard or come across some specific problems, then you will need to hire a plumber. This may cost you around 100-200 dollars but it varies from state to state.

Bottom Line

The cost of bidet varies from type to type. You need to prepare a few hundred dollars for an electronic bidet seat or washlet, but a bidet attachment or sprayer would only cost you dozens of dollars. Always ask yourself what is your budget and which feature you want most. If you don’t need those bells and whistles, you can save a lot of money.

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