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Using a bidet leaves you feeling as fresh and as clean as possible after using the bathroom—especially after a bowel movement. 

how to use a bidet

It’s much more useful than toilet paper. It eliminates the need to use it altogether, so it’s not only environmentally friendly but also saves you money.

On top of that, it reduces your chances of developing UTIs, hemorrhoids, or rashes—mainly if you are extra sensitive and prone to infections.

But since it’s not particularly popular or widespread in the United States, you may not know precisely how to use a bidet

Not to worry. 

We feel strongly about the benefits of using one and want to help spread the word about its practicality. So, in this article, we have outlined the exact steps you need to take to use a bidet properly. This way, you can make sure you are getting the full advantage it offers. 

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

Besides your full attention and focus, there is nothing you need to have handy to follow along during this tutorial.

Other than making sure you have a towel nearby (or toilet paper, if you prefer it and aren’t ready to part with it just yet), you are all set. The towel is to dry your rear end after you finish. 

Of course, if you are using an electric bidet with a built-in dryer, you don’t need the towel either. 

All we ask of you is to have the courage to try things you haven’t tried before.

The French word bidet means “pony” or “small horse” when translated into English. It makes sense because you have to straddle the bidet to use it—much like you’d straddle a horse. 

There are four kinds of bidets:

  • Traditional standalone bidet
  • Bidet seat
  • Bidet attachment (also bidet sprayer or bidet shower)
  • Portable bidet 

I guess you may also want to know how a bidet works exactly.

How to Use a Traditional Standalone Bidet

how to use a traditional bidet

The traditional bidet is a fixture separate from your toilet that resembles a low and wide sink. 

You will usually see the unit next to the regular toilet or somewhere close by it. Typically, it will have jets that shoot up the water toward your nether region. 

Here are the steps to follow when using a traditional bidet: 

  1. Take Care of Business

Use the toilet and take care of your business. Take your time. This moment is all about you, so no rush. 

You may even use this time to mentally prepare yourself to use the bidet for the first time. Feeling nervous or intimidated is natural. After all, even though the bidet has been around for a long time, it’s still very new and unfamiliar to many Americans.

  1. Remove Any Obstacles 

Remove your pants or any clothing that may get in the way. You shouldn’t overlook this step, especially if this is your first time. 

You may even hover over the bidet and turn it on to see how the water shoots up so you can have an idea of what to expect.

  1. Straddle the Bidet

Straddle the bidet like you would a horse. Bidets rarely have seats, but don’t hesitate to sit on the rim. 

Make sure you are facing the controls so that you may operate them with ease. 

  1. Adjust Water Pressure and Temperature 

Adjust the water temperature and pressure and make sure you are comfortable by using the controls. 

Try out different settings until you find what is most pleasant. 

Whether you like a gentle stream or a stronger one, you’ll find what works best by experimenting.

  1. Get in Position 

Position yourself so that the water stream is hitting your nether region’s exact areas you want to freshen and clean. 

If you are a woman, make sure you place yourself so that the water is streaming from front to back. Doing this has the same logic as wiping with toilet paper from front to back. The purpose is to avoid unwanted bacteria from your anus spreading to your vulva and causing discomfort and infections.

  1. Wash Yourself 

Clean the areas of your private parts that need cleaning with help from your hands. Using soap is not required, but you may prefer a gentle soap (not antibacterial) for cleansing.

  1. Dry Off

Unless the bidet you are using has a built-in dryer, pat your rear end dry with the towel you are keeping handy nearby (or use toilet paper if preferred). You may prefer to air-dry if you have the time. 

Wipe off any water that may have splashed on the floor or other surfaces. 

  1. Wash Your Hands

After washing your hands like you usually would after using the bathroom, you are all done. Yay!

How to Use a Bidet Seat

how to use a bidet seat

Bidet seats get mounted directly onto your toilet and replace your regular toilet seat.

Check out what Dr. Jacqueline DuPont has to say about the benefits of a good bidet seat. Even though she focuses on how beneficial it is for seniors, we can all take advantage of these perks.

Here are the steps to follow when using a bidet seat:

  1. Use the Toilet

Take care of your business.

  1. Turn on the Bidet 

Press the wash button on the seat or the remote control that comes with it. A spray nozzle will extend beneath you and release a vertical stream of water meant to cleanse your private parts.

  1. Adjust as Needed 

Make adjustments as you need. Using the remote settings, you can choose the water pressure and temperature you prefer and are comfortable with. You can also adjust the position of the nozzle so it’s hitting all the right areas.

  1. Finale 

Pat yourself dry and wash your hands.

How to Use a Bidet Sprayer

how to use handheld bidet

You would usually mount the bidet sprayer on the toilet seat or the wall near the toilet.

They are very convenient as you can use them for purposes other than washing your nether region after getting down to business in the toilet. 

Yes, you guessed it, you can use it as a small showerhead to wash whatever part of your body. You can even use it to clean your toilet and bathroom—like the walls, for example.

Here are the steps outlining how to use a handheld bidet sprayer:

  1. Turn on the T-Valve 

The T-Valve is usually under the toilet tank and attached to the fill valve. Doing this will not turn the sprayer on, so don’t worry about water streaming out before you’re entirely ready for it.

  1. Get Down to Business 

Take care of your business in the toilet.

  1. Position the Sprayer 

You have some freedom on how you want this to go. 

Usually, though, you can remain on the toilet and position the sprayer between your legs. Make sure it’s aimed to spray inward and toward the targeted area. 

Remember, your other goal is to ensure dirty waterfalls into the toilet rather than onto the sprayer. For best results, hold it at an angle.

  1. Turn on the Sprayer

Squeeze or push the sprayer’s trigger and wash.

  1. Dry off 

Pat your bottom dry.

Don’t forget to wash your hands. 

We also prepare an in-depth guide for using a handheld bidet sprayer for you.

How to Use a Portable Bidet

how to use a portable bidet

A Portable bidet is small and compact. You can easily carry it around with you when you are out and about or traveling.

It’s straightforward and convenient to use and gets the job done quickly and effectively. 

There are no batteries or power outlets involved with most, if not all, portable bidets. You fill it with water, and you’re good to go.

Here are the steps to take when using a portable bidet:

  1. Take Care of Business 

Use the toilet and relieve yourself.

  1. Pick the Best Angle 

As you are still sitting down on the toilet, reach between your legs, or aim the bidet toward your anus from behind. Do whatever is more comfortable and ensures the bidet is appropriately targeting the area you need to clean. 

Make sure the water will be spraying at an angle into the toilet rather than out.

  1. Turn on the Bidet 

Squeeze the trigger or push the button and release the water stream. That’s all it takes for the water to start spraying. 

  1. Wash Yourself 

If necessary, use your hands to ensure you’re washing thoroughly.

  1. Dry Off 

Pat your rear dry with a towel or toilet paper.

  1. Wash Your Hands 

Clean your hands with soap and water like you usually would, and you’re all done. 


We hope this tutorial has proven helpful to you, and you now feel more confident and knowledgeable about bidets and how to use them.

And if not, let us know what was missing.

As you can see, even though it may seem intimidating at first, if you’ve never used one, a bidet is an excellent way to get clean, even without toilet paper. It’s also good for the environment and very hygienic.

Now that you know how to use one, don’t be surprised if the process starts feeling natural after a while. You may even end up enjoying a bidet more than a typical toilet.

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