Where To Buy A Bidet? (10 Physical Stores & Websites Included)

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Once you decide to get a bidet, the next question would be, “where can I buy a bidet.” While bidet is trendy in the US, buying it is not as easy as buying a roll of TP. 

where to buy a bidet

In this post, I will lay out a list of places to buy bidets, including both brick-and-mortar retailers near you and online stores.

Bidets near me

1. Home Depot (physical store & online store)

home depot

Home Depot is a big home improvement store to go, and luckily they often have an array of bidet options available on the shelf. 

You can find these devices in the bath section, and they are often placed near toilet seats. Some stores have more models, and some only have one or two items to choose from. 

Store in rural areas may only provide low-cost choices such as handheld bidets and bidet attachments. 

If you don’t feel satisfied with the bidets in your local Home Depot store, you can search on their websites as they often provide free pick up and free shipping.

2. Costco (physical store & online store)


Costco provides different types of bidets in their local stores. You can even find the TOTO washlet many people dream of in some stores. These bidets are often located next to the toilet seats.

To ensure your stores near you have the product you want, you can write down the inventory number and call them to see if the store carries that product.

Otherwise, you can order the product on their site. Sometimes, it would take one or two weeks.

3. Walmart (physical store & online store)


Walmart seems to provide everything, but it is not valid when it comes to bidets. Not every Walmart store carries bidets. If they do, many bidets they provide are bidet attachments and handheld bidet sprayers. You can find them in the home improvement section.

Therefore, if you are looking for electric bidet seats, it is not an ideal place to go. 

Luckily, you can find several great models on their website. They have some models that seem to be only available on their sites.

4. Lowe’s (physical store & online store)


Lowe’s is another physical home improvement store that often comes to mind. You can find some bidets in some stores in big cities, but most Lowe’s stores don’t carry many models. 

You can search the products on their websites and ask for a free pick-up in their store or order it with free shipping to your home. 

Even on their websites, the options are limited compared to other stores I mentioned above.

Where to buy a bidet online

With online business development,  many old brick-and-mortar stores have started building their websites and selling products online, such as the four stores I mentioned above. Below I summarized a few online platforms for you to buy bidets.

5. Amazon

Amazon carries much more bidets than any other place. You can find any bidets on it, and their delivery service is quick and trustworthy. For example, you can find almost every model of TOTO washlets on it.

If you haven’t made up your mind on which bidet to buy, this is a great place to broaden your choices.

However, compared with shopping in local stores, you can’t feel the materials in person, which could take more time to find a perfect product. 

6. Bidetking


As its name suggests, Bidetking is a niche site focusing on selling bidets. Therefore you could get a bunch of helpful information as well as excellent and professional customer service from it. I mean, they know better about what the products they are selling. 

While they don’t provide as many options like Amazon, they still include the most famous brands such as TOTO, Brondell, Bio Bidet. 

Go to the website

7. Many Bidets

manybidets website

Many Bidets is family-owned online bidet stores that have been around for years. You can find a few helpful videos from their Youtube channels, not to mention the in-depth instructions on their site.

Like Bidetking, they don’t provide too many bidet models. But most popular models are included. You can also find some less-known brands such as Galaxy Bidet and Clean Sense.

Go to the website

8. Luxe Official Site

luxe website

In case you don’t know, Luxe is a famous brand of bidet attachments. Their attachments are one of the best in the market. 

While you can buy their products in many stores on our list,  you could opt for buying them on their official website. 

In addition, to extend your warranty, you need to register the product you bought on their site.

Go to the website

9. Tushy Official Site


Tushy is popular on social media. Their products have a good-looking profile and are functional at the same time. 

In the beginning, they only sell bidet attachments. But now they expand their product line, selling portable bidet, bidet towel, and even merch. 

They have a good-looking website just like their products, and I find that some specific models are only available on their site instead of other big retailers.

Go to the website

10. Biobidet Official Site

biobidet website

Biobidet is a bidet brand focusing on making electric bidet seats. While they also produce bidet attachments, their electric bidet seats make Biobidet apart from other competitors.

While their products can turn out of stock on other sites, you can often find them available on their site.

Go to the website


I know the bidet is relatively new to most of us, let alone know where to buy it. If you live in a big city, you can find some bidets in your local stores. But in rural areas, the choices are limited. But you can test it or at least see them in person and get it immediately.

To find more choices, shopping online would be a better choice. Amazon offers the most models, but you could also find one in a niche site such as Bidetking and Many Bidets.

Going to their official site is another sensible idea for those who want a bidet from a specific brand. These days, many bidet brands sell their products on their sites, and their customer service staff know their products better.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.