The 8 Best Bidet Brands For Every Budget And Experience Level

There are hundreds of bidet brands in the market right now, but it is hard to identify the good from the bad since most customers don’t know much about it. 

best bidet brands

It is always safer to get a good product from a reputable brand. Therefore, I summarized a few best bidet brands for you in this post, and you can start shopping from them. 

1. TOTO 

toto washlet logo

TOTO is one of the largest bathroom fixture manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1917, this Japanese brand is famous all overall the world now. 

TOTO started to make its first electric bidet toilet seat called Washlet in 1980 after they bought the patent from an American guy and soon became popular in Japan.

Washlet is so welcomed that many people equal “washlet” to “bidet seat.” With time, TOTO applies more and more advanced technology to the Washlet and makes an array of models to meet different needs.

For example, the Neorest series integrates the bidet into the toilet to offer you an ultimate toileting experience. Simply put, it always leads to the development of this industry. 

While TOTO washlet tends to have a higher price tag, you can rest assured of their product quality and are able to enjoy the most advanced technology. Along with electric bidet seats, they also provide portable electric bidets.

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2. Kohler


Kohler is another leading brand regarding bathroom fixtures. This brand has lasted for more than 100 hundred years and is the main competitor of TOTO.

When it comes to bidets, Kohler also has a few solid products. They have some non-electric bidet seats, and their electric ones often come with a side panel. 

While they don’t have as many models as TOTO have, their bidets are of high quality. If you want to find one from a leading brand, you should check it.

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3. Brondell

brondell logo

Brondell is a brand specialized in making bidets and water filters. When you search online, you will often come across the bidets from this brand. 

Founded in 2003, Brondell covered almost all the types of bidets. Their product lineup includes electric bidet seats, non-electric bidet seats, bidet attachments, handheld sprayers, and portable travel bidets. That said, you can get any bidets you want in this brand. 

On top of it, Brondell bidets have some budget-friendly models, making it a good choice for beginners. I found that you can often pay a lower price to get a bidet with the same features from Brondell.

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4. Luxe

luxe logo

For those who want to buy a bidet attachment, Luxe is always a good choice for you. The founder Anjum Gupta created the first Luxe bidet in 2008. Since then, he and his team have continued to improve, and now it has an array of attachments for customers to buy. 

Their attachments are made with high-quality materials resistant to rust and frequent use. They also include a dual-temp model if warm water is a deal-breaker for you and a model to clean sensitive areas. Their products are non-electric, but you still can get a self-cleaning nozzle, adjustable pressure, and water temperature which is fantastic. 

Even if their products are well-made, the price is pretty fair. It will not take the place of your toilet seat but add an attachment to it, allowing it a suitable choice for renters or beginners.

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5. Tushy

tushy logo

Tushy has gained a lot of attention in recent years. They are so good at marketing, and you can see people talk about it everywhere. 

Founded by Miki Agrawal in 2015, Tushy started its business by making bidet attachments, and now you can find travel bidets and bidet towels on their site as well. 

Their products are made with high-quality materials and feature a sleek look. It could add some aesthetic value to your toilet instead of ruining it. 

Tushy also provides both cold and warm water attachment models like Luxe attachments. Their travel bidets are foldable, which is great for travel. They really put a lot of effort into their product design. 

If you are looking for an attachment or portable bidet that is functional and beautiful, Tushy would be your best bet.

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6. Biobidet

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Biobidet is a well-known bidet brand focusing on making advanced electric bidet seats.  They embrace a few patented technologies into their seats, aiming to offer you the ultimate experience you desire.

Some Biobidet models are trendy in the category of luxury bidets, making it a strong competitor to TOTO.  Their products are not only full of features but have a sleek appearance that could blend well with your bathroom decor.

They also provide excellent customer services and warranty. For example, they offer a 3-year unlimited warranty for their flagship products. If you want an attachment, they have prepared it for you as well.

If you have a bit of budget and want an excellent bidet seat, Biobidet is excellent to check.

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7. Omigo

omigo logo

Omigo is an American bidet brand that sells bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments. While they don’t provide many models for you to choose from, each one of their products is solid. 

They provide both luxury models and low-priced models in the category of bidet seats which could be as low as less than $300. 

Their bidet attachments are very welcomed by users as they can clean both the front and back by simply turning the knob on the side panel. In addition, their attachments look very cute.

Most customers are quite satisfied with their products and you could have a try.

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8. Smartbidet

smartbidet logo

Smartbidet is a brand from Korea that sells both electric bidet seats and bidet attachments. Their product lineup covers models that can fit elongated, round, or even french curve toilets. 

If you worry about if your toilet can find a compatible bidet, you can always find a good one at Smartbidet.

It is also a good brand for people who are on a budget. They have some models that come with a very low price tag but they don’t offer it by sacrificing the quality. 

It is still a small bidet brand like Omigo I mentioned above, but their products are sold very well online at a good rate.

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Sum up

In this list, I listed the 8 best bidet brands in the US marketplace. TOTO is always the number one place to go whenever you want to buy a bidet toilet seat. But other brands also have some great products to offer.

If you have enough budget, you could dig out some good models from Kohler and Biobidet. Their products have the most advanced features that a TOTO washlet has. 

For those who want an affordable bidet seat, Brondell, Omigo, and Smartbidet are the brands that are able to help you. They often have some models with a relatively low price but can get the job done well. 

Some people like to use a bidet attachment, then Luxe and Tushy are the best brands in this type of bidet. They both provide warm water and feminine wash models to meet your most needs. Besides, attachments are much cheaper than electric bidet seats.

Many like Tushy because of its appealing appearance and Luxe are famous for its durability.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.