Is Bidet Water Cold? Are Cold Water Bidets Uncomfortable?

Bidet water temperature is one of the crucial factors that affect your experience. Some bidets come with cold water only and some could provide warm water. Is the bidet water too cold that you have to go for a warm water one? Are cold water bidets really uncomfortable? 

is bidet water cold

Simply put, the temperature of bidet water is almost the same as the tap water, so it is unheated instead of cold. It is comfortable in general but not for those who live in cold areas or use it in winter. It is also up to your preference. 

In this post, we will try to answer these questions elaborately so that you can get a bidet with cold water or warm water happily. 

Are cold water bidets uncomfortable?

In general, the cold tap water temperature in the US is about 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature varies according to location. For example,  the cold water temperature is 45.1 degrees Fahrenheit in Michigan and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Alabama

In addition, the climate also matters. In winter, the average tap temperature could drop 10 degrees Fahrenheit

As cold water bidets take advantage of your home’s water supply directly, the water temperature coming out from the bidet will almost equal the one you get from the sink or other faucet.

Therefore, cold water bidets are comfortable in most cases because we are getting used to the cold tap water in our lives. It is not always cold but unheated.  It could even be a more comfortable option if you live in hot climates. 

However, some of us like to use warm water in winter,  the area you live in is too cold or the skin in our private parts is more sensitive to “cold temperature”. If this is the case, you may want to buy a warm water bidet or take some time to get used to it. 

Bidets that use cold water

If you are new to the world of the bidet, you may don’t know which type of bidet uses cold water. Typically, most bidet attachments, handheld bidet sprayers, as well as non-electric bidet seats use cold water.

Most bidet attachments

If you have never used a bidet before, starting by installing a bidet attachment is always a sensible idea. It looks like a small side panel to your toilet but comes with a much lower price than an electric bidet seat. 

Most basic bidet attachments use cold water only. Attach the bidet hose to the pipe to the toilet by using a T-valve, the water will go to the attachment and spray out from the nozzles. 

There is a knob on the attachment panel for you to adjust the water temperature. As there is no motor or water pressure regulator, the water pressure is usually high as it would be similar to the water supply’s pressure. 

Most handheld bidet 

Actually, the handheld bidet sprayer is a multifunctional player. You could use it as a bidet to wash your butt, or use it as a sprayer to wash your head or clean your bathroom. It is also a cheaper choice than the electric models. 

The simplest way to install a handheld bidet is to connect it to the pipe to the toilet by using a T-valve or Y-valve.  Then you need a bidet holder to hang it on the wall when not in use. There is no big difference between installing a handheld bidet and installing a basic bidet attachment. 

So the water from the bidet goes from your home piping which is unheated or cold. 

Non-electric bidet seat

Non-electric bidet seat is not as common as the two types of bidets we mentioned above. It looks like a standard toilet seat but could work to wash away the stool and debris. 

Therefore, you can get a new toilet seat and a bidet at the same time. There is no electricity required so what you get is cold water. 

It could be a great choice who want their toilet to stay simple and chic as before. It can fit seamlessly with your toilet without tipping anyone off to the fact that this is actually a bidet seat.

Bidets that use warm water

Even though cold water bidets are comfortable generally, we are not going to deny that warm water bidets are even more comfortable for most of us. It is just like some people prefer a hot shower even though cold shower does have some extra benefits. 

Electric bidets and toilet bidet combos

warm water bidet

Electric bidets could provide you with the ultimate comfort you desire. They often come with an array of great features such as self-cleaning nozzles, dryer, heated seat, various wash modes, and water pressure. Some luxury models even embed automatic open and close lids.

As the name of toilet bidet combos suggests, it is a combination of two facilities but has a more integral look. They are usually tagged with a high price tag.

The water temperature of an electric bidet is adjustable and often comes with three to five different settings. It ranges from 92 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit to cater to various needs. You will feel comfortable whenever and wherever you are. In summer, you can lower the water temperature and in winter you can raise it.

One big advantage of using an electric model is that you don’t use hot water from your home’s plumbing so the installation is much easier. The water temperature is controlled by the heater inside the bidet.

See our recommendation for electric bidets here. 

Advanced bidet attachment

More and more bidet brands begin to offer dual temp attachments such as Tushy and Luxe. These attachments have two knobs on the panel, one is for water pressure and the other one is for water temperature. 

Instead of using a heater to heat the cold water, the dual temp attachment uses the hot water from your plumbing at home directly. When the hot water and cold water come to the attachment, it will mix according to your settings so that you could get a bidet with warm water. 

Mostly common, you will get the hot water from the pipe under the sink near the toilet. You have to install a T-valve on it and then install another T-valve to divert water to the toilet and bidet. 

If you have a sink within a few feet of the toilet, you can get the job done within a few minutes.

Advanced handheld bidet and non-electric bidet seat

dual temp handheld bidet sprayer

To be honest, you could modify most handheld bidet and non-electric bidet seat into a warm water bidet as long as you have the proper valves and hoses. 

Instead of mixing the cold and warm water in the bidet, you can mix it before the water enters the bidet. 

You will get the hot water from the sink and the cold water from the home’s toilet water plumbing. Then you will install a mixing valve, allowing you to mix the hot water and cold water and send it to the bidet. You could control the temperature by turning the lever on the mixing valve.

Standalone bidet 

standalone bidet

Standalone bidet is totally separate from the toilet and it uses your home’s plumbing directly. You could treat is as another sink but it is used to wash your butt instead of hands. 

Hence, you are able to get both cold water and warm water from a standalone bidet just like from your sink.

Cold water bidets vs. warm water bidets 

If you are on the fence about buying a cold water bidet or warm water bidet, we want to enumerate some pros and cons here to help you make your mind.

Cold water bidets have several benefits. As they don’t use electricity and don’t involve many electrical parts, the price of these bidets is much cheaper. They make use of the home water supply directly, so the water pressure is higher than the electric models generally. The cold bidet water could help to wake you up just like taking a cold shower.

However, warm water bidet could provide a comfortable water temperature that could be a life-savor on chilly days. It is a great choice for children, seniors, and other patients who don’t have a very strong immune system and are susceptible to a cold.

Bottom line

Is the bidet water cold? No, it is not particularly cold, it is just the water from the water supply which you have used for years. As the bidet water is unheated, it could be problematic on cold days or in cold areas.

You should check the average temperature of the tap water in your location in winter to decide whether you can put up with the “coldness” or not. Other factors to consider include your health conditions and your preference. 

Are cold water bidets uncomfortable? No, it’s just like taking a cold shower. You may feel great on hot days and feel bad on cold days. It depends on the temperature of your area and your habits. As using a bidet only takes less than 1 minute, you will not feel as cold as taking a cold shower.

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