Are Bidets Safe For Women?

Due to the construction differences, women are susceptible to inflammation and other health issues to some extent. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning private parts, you are more cautious. That’s also why you are concerned about are bidets safe for women or how to use a bidet as a woman. 

are bidets safe for women

If you are on the fence about buying a bidet or already got one but don’t know if it is OK for a girl or a woman to use it, we will explain every bit of the topic and bust all myths to use it your bidet confidently.

Are bidets sanitary for women?

Are bidets sanitary? We have discussed this topic before, but we want to focus more on females in this post. 

To prevent urinary tract infection (UTI), we are advised to wipe from the front to the back and not use the same toilet paper twice. This is also an excellent way to prevent yeast infections. 

If you have a bidet seat or a bidet attachment, the nozzle will continuously spray the water from the front to remove the residues. Some more advanced bidets will have an exceptional female washing mode to clean the private parts gently. 

If you have a plastic portable bidet, a handheld bidet, or a standalone bidet, then you could control the direction of the water stream yourself, making sure it will not push any residue from the anus to the front.

On top of it, the bacteria on the toilet paper or the chemicals on the wet wipe may irritate your vulva, which is not the water wash issue. 

Hence, in general, bidets are sanitary for women. 

Unique benefits of using a bidet for women

Being a woman is a great thing, but you need to prepare to deal with a lot of complexity. Luckily, a bidet could make your life much easier. We will show you what a bidet can do for you.

Use a bidet on your period

Some of my friends have asked, “can I use a bidet on my period,” my answer is Yes. You may even do much better than using TP.   

The water pressure provided by a bidet could effectively wipe the blood away, and you will get a mini spa every time you use the bathroom. Your private parts will not leave any annoying odors. Some advanced bidets use sanitized water to prevent your vaginas from infections further.   

Besides, you could also use a bidet to clean the menstrual cup if you have one. This is more applicable when you have a handheld bidet.

Use a bidet when pregnant and after giving birth

You have to go through a plethora of discomforts during the pregnancy. In the last trimester, wiping your butt with your belly becomes very hard. Using a bidet could provide you with a hands-free experience, allowing you to use the bathroom without asking for help from others.   

It is also a godsend for women just after labor. The smoothing water stream will cause much less pain than a wet wipe or toilet paper.     

Use a bidet before and after sex

Peeing and washing your genital area with warm water to wash your private parts is an excellent way to prevent UTIs before and after sex. However, sometimes it could take longer to do it as you need to take off all your clothes if you choose to shower.

By using a bidet, you can take a mini shower within a few minutes, which is especially great for those who like to enjoy morning sex. 

Use a bidet when you have hemorrhoids.

It could be very painful to do your business if you have hemorrhoids. The toilet paper feels more abrasive than usual and could worsen the situation.    The stream of water is gentle from a bidet to feel much comfortable after toileting.   

Use a bidet to clean diaper cloth

This is something you may have never thought about it before, and some parents do use a bidet to clean the diaper cloth. 

If you have a handheld bidet or a portable bidet, you could use it to clean the diaper cloth, the tile, and the sink.

You see, there are so many benefits for women or girls to use a bidet. Using a bidet is safe for you.

How to use a bidet for women

The ways to use a bidet for women vary according to the types of bidets

You could use the feminine wash model to care for your lady bits if you have an electric bidet seat. Some low-end models don’t come with this feature, but the standard nozzles could still move from the front to the back, and all you need to do is press a button. 

This also applies to the bidet attachment. If you find the bidet can’t make you dry, then you could use some toilet paper to let it dry quicker.

For those who have a handheld bidet or a portable bidet, you should hold it and control the direction of the water stream to ensure it travels from the front to the back.

Sum up

Using a bidet is generally safe for women. It could keep you fresh before and after sex, cause less pain if you have hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, it could make your life much easier if you are pregnant. 

The water stream moves from the front to the back so it will not cause extra infections and the handsfree feature makes it a great option for people with disabilities. 

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