TOTO Washlet Troubleshooting Guide: Solve The Problems On Your Own

The TOTO Washlet is a great add-on in your bathroom. It keeps you fresh every day and brings you a heated seat on chilly days. However, it is a device that could go wrong at some point. 

toto washlet troubleshooting

Are you wondering why my TOTO Washlet is not working? Instead of hiring a professional immediately, you can try to troubleshoot it on your own.

This guide will enumerate a few common issues of TOTO Washlets and corresponding solutions. Take a few minutes to read, and you will save a few hours on solving them.

1. The wand doesn’t come out

The wand is one of the most essential parts of Washlets. If it doesn’t work, the bidet becomes useless to a large extent. Luckily, you can fix it very soon in most cases.

If you are used to sitting in front of the seat, try to sit a bit back for the sensor to trigger. You will hear a click sound when you sit properly, and your bidet can start to work as usual.

Some people like to put a cover on the seat or lid to make them feel comfortable. Remove it when you have a TOTO Washlet. It would cause sensor malfunction. You have a heated seat now, and these covers are not as necessary as before.

Remember to check the water pressure of your home water supply. Sometimes it is not the issue of your bidet. When the water pressure is too low, or the water supply is shut off, the bidet will stop work for safety.

The water temperature of tap water also affects the performance of the wand. When it is too low, the wand could take more time to come out from the guard gate because it will only work when the water is heated. Under this circumstance, you just need to be patient and wait a bit longer.

Do you enjoy reading a book or listening to music while sitting on a toilet? When the time exceeds two hours, the wand will stop work automatically for safety. Stand up and sit down again. The wand will be activated again.

2. The remote control is not working

The majority of Washlets models come with remote control. There are two main reasons why it is not working.

Firstly, the batteries may be worn out. Turn the remote to the backside and check if the “low battery warning mark” lights up. If yes, replace the batteries, and your Washlet will work again.

Another possible reason is that the receiver on the side of the main unit or the remote control transmitter gets blocked somehow. It could be dust, water droplets, or any physical object. Try to remove these obstructions and let the remote control the bidet again.

3. The bidet water is cold

Warm water is the deal-breaker for many bidet customers. Don’t be agitated when the water propping out from the nozzle is cold. Usually, it is due to the fact that the water temperature has been turned off or set to a lower level. If you share the bidet with others, someone has likely modified the settings.

Or it could be the issues of your home water supply. When the tap water is too cold, the bidet water temperature could be low at the beginning. You can wait for a few seconds to let the internal heater heat the water more thoroughly. 

4. The bidet seat is cold

As I said, the Washlet can’t work properly when you install a cover on it. It also applies to the bidet seat. Remove it, and the seat will start to heat itself immediately.

Another common cause is that the energy saver mode is turning on. There are a few energy savor modes. Some will let the seat heater stop working entirely during a specific period. If you use the toilet at this time, the bidet seat is cold, and you have to wait for about 15 minutes until the seat is warm.

Some will lower the seat temperature in the period of infrequent use. It also makes you feel cold. The straightforward way to fix it is by turning off the energy saver mode. Then you can twist these features later on. 

On top of it, sitting too front and sitting on it for too long are also the reasons why the seat is not working. Try to stand up and sit down correctly can solve the problem.

5. The main unit is not stable

Some customers complain that their Washlets are not stable. But there may be nothing wrong with the Washlet at all. 

There is a gap between the bidet seat and the bowl. The seat will go down a bit to activate the bidet when you sit down.

But the loosen bolts could also be the cause. To deal with it, remove the main unit, tighten the bolts and then reinstall the main unit again.

6. The premist active spontaneously

Usually, when you step into the bathroom, the pre-mist feature will start to work to increase the flushing efficiency. But the sensor is so sensitive that it could detect the movement through the wall and door. 

Therefore, when someone or your pets walk past the bathroom, the premist may be activated mistakenly. If it is the case, you can turn off the “auto bowl clean” feature. 

Note that some models with EWATER+ will mist the bowl periodically to keep the toilet always ready for use.

7. The bidet lid doesn’t open automatically (for high-end models)

The lid will not open automatically when you just close it within 15 seconds. There is an “Auto open delay” feature. If you happen to activate it, it could delay the opening up to 30 seconds or 90 seconds later. By turning the feature off, your lid will work as before. 

Beyond that, the sensor may not be able to detect you if your body size is too small. So it would be problematic for a small child to trigger this function.

Another cause may be that you accidentally turn off the “auto open/close.”

8. The bidet lid doesn’t close automatically (for high-end models)

Except for mistakenly turning off the “auto open/close” feature, other causes may be that you stand in front of the toilet or sit on the toilet for less than 6 seconds. Don’t worry. The lid will close five minutes later

9. Water leaks

You can fasten all the connections of your TOTO Washlets by hand. When you find anywhere in the hose or valve is leaking. Please turn off the shutoff valve and retighten it. 

If you can’t fix it, you’d better contact your seller or TOTO customer service.

Wrapping up

When your Washlet is not working, this guide could be a helpful resource to read. It could help you to troubleshoot and repair the most common problems. 

In many cases, these issues are due to accidentally wrong settings. Sometimes, it is because you don’t really understand the mechanisms of this innovative device. 

If you don’t find a solution here, you can check more information on the manual or consult with the TOTO customer service.

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