TOTO Washlet K300 Review

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If you are looking for a mid-range TOTO bidet seat that is elegant and with a lot of advanced features, you can’t go wrong with this TOTO Washlet K300 model. In this TOTO K300 review, we will lay out more details of this bidet seat and tell you the differences between TOTO S550e and K300.

toto washlet k300 review

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Why You Should Buy a TOTO Washlet K300?

A good electric toilet bidet is not exactly light on the pocket, especially from a top-rated brand.

TOTO K300 is a good-looking and high-quality bidet seat but comes with a middle price tag.

It features a modern design that often appears on the high-end bidet seats. Plus, it comes with almost all the necessary features a bidet seat should have.

However, if you are entirely sold on an auto-open and close lid or Ewater system, you should look for a higher-end bidet or a 2-in-1 smart toilet such as TOTO Neorest.

Features of Toto K300

When we review this model, we start to understand why this model is so popular on the market. This model looks quite similar to S550E and S500E but is much cheaper. Moreover, as a bidet seat, it gets the job done well. Let’s explore these features now.

Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Remote control

TOTO K300 comes with a white-colored remote controller. The color is different from 550E as well as TOTO C200, but I personally like it more.

Featuring a thin wall mounting plate, you can easily put it in any place you want. The remote comes with a two-sided design. On the front side, you can turn on and off the bidet and control the puzzles. You can also press the 2 personally setting buttons listed below to get the preset settings immediately.

On the backside, the water temperature, seat temperature, and air dryer temperature are all adjustable. There are buttons for energy-saving models and wand cleaning as well.

In a word, you can make the bidet work the way you want by using this remote.

Immediately heated water

The reason why this TOTO K300 looks much better than TOTO C200 is that it utilizes a tankless design which helps to save a lot of space. Thanks to this upgrade, you can enjoy endless warm water now.

Heated seat

Traditional toilet seat is chilly in winter. Luckily, TOTO K300 could totally change your bathroom experience in cold weather now. Not only the seat is heated but the air dryer and water from nozzles are warm, making the bathroom a fantastic place to rest and unwind.

Personal settings

If you have to change the settings every time you use the bidet, it could be a hassle. This TOTO K300 bidet seat can store 2 person’s preset settings and you can use your preferred models by just pressing the button on the remote. This boosts your experience and saves your time.

Soft-close lid

As you know, TOTO S550e and higher models have an auto-open and close lid and seat, however, this model doesn’t include it. You still have to open the seat by yourself though. But it can slowly close the lid to ensure you can level your bathroom as soon as possible.

Premist the bowl

Keeping the bowl wet is a good way to prevent waste and bacteria. This bidet features a misting function and will spray the surface of the bowl before each. But when compared to the Neorest series and S550e, this premist doesn’t use Electrolyzed water which proved to have a sanitizing effect.


Regarding the wand, it works wonders. Each port on the nozzle is responsible for cleaning the different part of the butt. The oscillating function included ensuring a throughout cleaning experience. On top of it, it can clean the inner and outer automatically. But it doesn’t include a wide spray feminine wash function like S550E does.

We don’t elaborate on every feature of TOTO K300 in this review such as deodorizer and air dryer, but you could rest assured that it embraces most of the important features a bidet seat should have.

Design of TOTO K300 Washlet

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The main reason why people decide to purchase this washlet is due to the fact that it has a sleek design. It looks almost the same as other high-end models, but you can save hundreds of dollars. The lid covered a large part of the toilet without a bulky water tank, making it blend well with the toilet.

There are 2 colors available: cotton white and Sedona beige. The model can fit most of the toilets except for the french curve version.

It is 20 7/8″ long and 15 1/8″ wide. The height of the rear is only 5 3/16″ and in this area, you can find a seat light, power light and energy saver light on the left.

How to Install TOTO K300

Without further ado, we will say you can install it yourself. Just remove the original toilet seat, install the plastic plate and then slide the k300 to the plate. At last, you should connect the hose and that’s it.

You can follow the steps in this video to know more details.

Pros of TOTO Washlet K300

  • Sleek and space-saving design.
  • Cheaper than high-end models.
  • Remote control.
  • Heated seat.
  • 2 user preset: You can set your prefer settings.
  • Soft-close lid.
  • Auto clean wand.
  • Adjustable water temperature, seat temperature and air dryer temperature.
  • Energy saving models to cut the bill for you.
  • Tankless design ensure you enjoy endless warm water.
  • Very easy to install.
  • The premist will help your toilet stay clean.

Cons of TOTO Washlet K300

  • Can’t open and close the lid automatically, making it not a perfect option for people with disabilities.
  • No night light.
  • No gentle front wide spray for feminine wash.
  • Ewater+ technology is not applied so that you can’t use Electrolyzed water to clean your bowl further.
  • The lid seems a bit flimsy: don’t sit on the cover directly.

TOTO K300 vs. TOTO S550e

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If you are on the fence about choosing K300 or 550E, this section will help you out.

Generally speaking, K300 is a good alternative if you are on a budget but still want a tankless and modern bidet seat from TOTO.

TOTO S550E comes with an auto-close and open lid function that K300 doesn’t have. The importance of this feature depends on your need. If you suffer from some types of disabilities and want to keep independent life, you may prefer S550E. Otherwise, this function maybe not be a big deal for you.

TOTO S550E uses the Ewater+ technology to produce Electrolyzed water. This type of water is a proven disinfectant and reduces the frequency of cleaning the bowl. It will spray before and after each use to make you feel better. However, the K300 model doesn’t utilize this technology and only spray before each use.

Besides, TOTO S550E features a gentle wide front spray function that can clean the feminine area softly. This is also a function that TOTO K300 doesn’t come with.

Regarding the design, the S550E model can cover the whole unit but the K300 model has a narrow rear housing visible. This results in a better appearance of S550e.

You see, these 3 features and a bit of design difference make S550E and S500E apart from K300. If you are keen on these advanced features, you should go for a higher-end model, or you can save more money.

You may be interested in other models from TOTO.


TOTO washlet K300 is a sensible option when purchasing a Japanese bidet, it embraces a modern design but not a high price tag. Yes, it is still not cheap but can save you some money when compared to a smart toilet or S550E. If you don’t care about the automatic lid, feminine spray, or Electrolyzed water, we assure you you will like it.

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