TOTO Washlet C200 Review

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As a grandfather of bidet toilet seats, TOTO offers a lot of great bidets which are called TOTO washlet. As an entry-level product, C200 is a very popular model in the US. Therefore, we come up with this TOTO washlet C200 review to help you find the pros and cons before making a purchase.

toto c200 review

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Why You Should Choose TOTO C200?

TOTO C200 is a good choice for individuals who want to give the bidet seat a try.It is made by TOTO so that you will not worry about the quality of the product as well as the customer services.

Last update on 2023-02-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

It contains all the necessary features a good bidet seat should have.
If you a remote control fan, this is what you want. In addition, it has a relatively lower price when compared with some high-end models.

Features of TOTO Washlet C200

Honestly, the C200 model shares a lot of the same features as C100 which we reviewed previously. However, it also comes with some advanced features. Let’s dig into it and learn how it works to clean your bum.

  • Heated seat

Afraid of the cold surface of the toilet seat? This model comes with a heated seat. You can change the seat temperature from a minimum temp of 82 degrees to a maximum temp of 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

It provides 5 levels in order to provide you with the most comfortable experience.

  • Tanked heating system

Compared with some luxury bidets such as TOTO S550E, this one is bulkier. It is due to the fact that it uses a tank to store and heat the water. However, if the water is used up, you have to use cold water instead.

  • Pulsating spray

One thing that makes it apart from TOTO c100 is that it features a pulsating spray. This function offers a massage for your butt which benefits individuals who suffer from constipation.

  • Premist spray

This feature is really helpful as it reduces your cleaning work to a large extent. This bidet toilet seat will spray a mist when you sit down and prevent the residues stick to the bowl.

  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure

The wand provides a water stream to clean both the rear and front areas. The wand can clean by itself before and after use to eliminate the bacteria. In addition, 5 levels of temperature and pressure are available in this model to meet the needs of different users. You can change the temperature according to the seasons. 

  • Remote control

Different from C100, this model contains a remote control. As you know, C100 features a side controller. The remote control makes this Toto washlet more elegant. You can feel free to change the water and position of the water stream when sitting on the toilet without turning right. However, if you tend to forget things, it would cause a disaster as well.

  • Air dryer

You may already hear that you can stop using toilet paper and protect the trees by using a bidet seat. An air dryer is a crucial part that makes it happen. After you finish, the automatic air dryer will get your butt clean and dry. Even better, it also includes 5 temperature options. 

  • Deodorizer

By using a strong filter, this model can clean up the awkward odor around the bathroom. It helps yourself as well as the person who needs to use the bathroom next to you. Don’t worry! It will not spread any chemicals.

Design of TOTO C200

TOTO washlet C200 provides 2 versions: elongated and round. You should choose it according to the style of your toilet. 

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The elongated version is 20 7/8″long, 15 3/8″ wide whereas the round one is 18 7/8″long, 15 3/8″ wide. You can see that there is only a 2″ difference in length. The TOTO C200 fits well with a one-piece or two-piece toilet except for the 1 piece French curve one.

As it includes a tank, it looks a bit big. But you will get used to it sooner or later. In order to fit your home decor, there are 2 colors to choose from: cotton white and Sedona beige. 

On the top right corner of this bidet seat, you can see 4 led lights indicating the state of “power”, “Energy Saver”, “Seat” and “Water”. The remote sensor is also located here.


  • Adjustable water temperature with 5 options included.
  • 5 levels of adjustable water pressure.
  • Heated seat and you can adjust the temperature from 82 degrees to 97 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Oscillating and pulsating functions included.
  • Automatically spray a mist in the bowl before using it.
  • It contains a remote and you can change settings on it directly.
  • Effective deodorizer to reduce the odor of the bathroom.
  • Comfortable air dryer and you can modify the temperature of it.
  • From a reputable brand
  • 2 colors and 2 models available.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Bulky than other high-end TOTO washlets
  • No auto open and close lid. People with some specific disabilities may not like it.
  • You can’t enjoy unlimited and consistent warm water as this model has a tanked design.
  • No nightlight included. For seniors who tend to use the bathroom at night, soft light can guide them without waking them up totally.
  • No EWATER+ system included. This is a system that turns the water to electrolyzed and then sprays the electrolyzed water to clean the bowl of the toilet after and before each use.
  • The washers are too hard to prevent leak. You’d better replace them with some soft ones.
  • The water pressure is not as strong as the ones in the more advanced models.


All in all, the TOTO washlet C200 is a well-constructed mid-range bidet toilet seat. By reading this review, you will know that it contains all the main features such as a heated seat, premist spray, adjustable water temperature, and pressure, pulsating water stream, and energy-saving models. The remote control and more temperature and pressure options make it different from C100. However, it looks cumbersome as it adopts a tanked design. This is also a reason why it can’t provide endless hot water and strong water pressure.

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