TOTO Washlet C100 Review

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When you are looking for the bidet for your house, TOTO is a brand you will not ignore. It offers a lot of advanced bidets, and people love it. Is every Toto bidet expensive? No, TOTO Washlet C100 is a good bidet with a low price tag.

toto washlet c100 review

In this post, we reviewed the features, advantages, and drawbacks of C100 so that you will know if it meets your needs.

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Why should you buy a TOTO Washlet c100

It is always smart to buy something from a reputable brand. When it comes to purchasing a bidet, TOTO is a brand that will not let you down. You can browse more models here.

There are a lot of luxury bidet toilet seats on the market with a lot of fancy features. However, you may don’t need them or are on a budget. Hence, choosing a simple bidet with high quality would be a better choice. If this is the case, TOTO C100 is a good one to consider.

C100 is a popular bidet from TOTO that is affordable and includes all the necessary features a bidet should have. Keep reading to dig it deeper.

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Features and Advantages of TOTO C100

Although C100 is not the high-end product of TOTO, it comes with a lot of useful features.


As you know, it is always hard to clean a “dry” toilet. With this premist function, it will spray over your toilet bowl before every use. By doing this, the waste and dirt will not adhere to the surface of the bowl which not only makes the cleaning work become easier but improve your hygiene level.

Self-cleaning wand

The wand is the place where the water stream comes out to clean your butt. Even though your body will not contact it directly, you may still worry about if the bacteria from other users will infect you through the water of dirty wand.

Don’t worry! This TOTO Washlet C100 features a self-cleaning wand which means the wand will clean itself before and after each use. Now you can understand why bidet is so prevalent in Japanese public toilets. It is clean and eco-friendly.


The deodorizer is a sweet design. The deodorizer from TOTO is made from charcoal to help absorb the bad odor. When you seat on the bidet, this deodorizer will start to work automatically. This will ensure you feel fresh when toileting and the one next to you will feel much better as well. You may need to replace it every four or five years.

Heated Seats

Nowadays, more and more bidets come with a heated seat no matter it is a high-end product or not.

This C100 model integrates this function as well. It offers 3 temperature options to fit your needs at different seasons. Do you remember the painful feeling of sitting on an icing toilet seat? With this bidet seat, you can get rid of it completely.

Warm Water

You may have heard about the attachable bidet before. They can offer warm water only by connecting with a warm water line. TOTO washlet c100 provides 3 temperature options and 5 pressure options, and it is heated by electricity.

Some family members may like a strong water stream, but your kids may need a soft wash. With those options, everyone will find their favorite settings.

Energy Saver Function

This TOTO washlet c100 can help you save the bill. In fact, this bidet is smart and it can learn your toileting habit. It will automatically decrease the temperature of water and seat during the time you don’t use the toilet frequently. During the period the toilet is never used such as the time you are at work, it will turn them off completely. However, if someone happens to use the toilet at that moment, the bidet will warm up again but it will take about 15 minutes.

From what we mentioned above, you will see that this TOTO Washlet C100 involves a lot of good features.

Drawbacks of TOTO C100

However, as a mid-range product, C100 does have some drawbacks.

  • Side control is hard to reach

A lot of high-end bidets come with a remote controller. However, this one only has side control.  Some peers like this design because they don’t need to worry about where the remote is anymore. However, the place where the side control is located is a little bit hard to reach when toileting.

  • The heated seat and water can’t turn off

You may like the energy saver idea of this bidet and it is truly helpful. However, the heated seat and warm water can’t be turned off separately and completely without unplugging the unit. This is some kind of annoying when summer comes.

  • No automatic open and close lid

Some high end models feature an automatic open and close lid function. This function can save you time and improve your hygiene level. But as a mid-range bidet, C100 only comes with a soft close seat.

  • No massage function

This wand of this bidet can work for cleaning your rear and front part and it also includes an oscillating stream option. However, the pulsating massage function has not been included.

  • Big reservoir tank

The reservoir tank is used to store and warm the water. This one is big and you should make sure if it is suitable for your toilet. This big tank will make the toilet seat smaller. In addition, the bidet with a reservoir tank has a problem in common which is if the water is used up and the user has to wait for a few minutes to get the warm water again.

  • No personal setting

If you are not live alone, you may prefer a bidet with a personal setting. As you know, women, men, and kids will have different needs and preferences. For example, the preferred position of the water stream would be varied.  You and your partner may like the different temperatures of seats. TOTO Washlet C100 has no personal setting options and you may have to change your settings every time you use it.

The Dimensions of TOTO Washlet C100

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TOTO Washlet C100 comes in both elongated and round versions which will accommodate most of the toilets. Please check the charts above to ensure your toilet is good to install this bidet. It also offers two colors for you to choose from: white and beige.

The round version is 18 7/8″ long and the elongated version is 20 7/8″ long.


TOTO Washlet C100 is a good mid-range bidet from a good bidet toilet seat brand: TOTO.  When you look at the details of it, you will find that it includes almost all the necessary features a bidet should have: the heated seat, air dryer, deodorizer, warm water, and self-cleaning wand.

It also features a premist function that helps to prevent waste buildup. However, for people who are looking for a luxury bidet experience, this one may not make you satisfied, you can check some Neorest smart toilet models to know the most advanced technology in the bidet industry.

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