Smart Toilet Vs. Bidet Seat: Compared From 7 Aspects

Bidets are trendy these days, but you can easily get overwhelmed when facing so many types of bidets. If you are on the fence about getting a smart toilet or an electric bidet seat, this post will help you out. 

smart toilet vs bidet seat

Smart toilets have the most advanced features, look beautiful and integrated but come with a higher price tag and can’t be moved to another place in general. Electric bidet seats cost less, are easier to move to another bathroom, but look a bit bulkier. Non-electric seats are the cheapest ones, but they have limited features.

Anyway, both of them are great but will not make a massive difference between each other. But I will elaborate on these differences below to make up your mind quickly.

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Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: popularity

Smart toilets are also known as integrated bidet toilets or toilets with built-in bidets. It is not only a type of bidet but a type of toilet, which offers you the ultimate toileting experience you desire. 

Electric bidet seats (most people call them bidet seats or bidet toilet seats even though non-electric bidet seats are also available in the market) are seats added to your toilet. If you get an electric bidet seat, you will need to replace it with your toilet seat.  

Bidet seats are more popular because they have a longer history and a more affordable price tag. You have a myriad of options to choose from, but the models of smart toilet models are much less. 

I find more and more bidet manufacturers have put more effort into making smart toilets recently, aiming to attract more high-end customers. In fact, some bidet users will upgrade to a smart toilet when they remodel the bathroom.

Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: features

The more you pay, the more features you will get while purchasing a bidet. Non-electric bidet seats have very limited features and you can only adjust the water pressure in most cases. Compared to non-electric bidets, electric bidet seats come with much more advanced features. 

You will like the heated seat that prevents your butt from freezing off in Winter. You will also enjoy the massage on your private parts that the water brings to you. The warm water is so comfortable that you may even expect to use a bidet when waking up. 

A typical bidet seat will a so include a dryer to dry you off, a deodorizer to remove odors, and a self-cleaning nozzle.

If you have a luxury model, the lid will open and close automatically, and it is able to store user preset. Some brands can also provide electrolyzed water for sanitation. 

Luckily, you can get all the features you want in a luxury bidet seat in a smart toilet. Manufacturers tend to include all the advanced features they have in it. 

In addition, as it is a toilet with a built-in bidet, there are some extra features related to the toilet itself. For example, the TOTO Neorest smart bidets have a zirconium coating on the toilet bowl, working with ultraviolet light and electrolyzed water to remove the waste on the bowl surface. 

These smart toilets also embed an effective flushing system, allowing the waste to be cleaned quickly and entirely without increasing your water bill.

Smart toile vs. bidet seat: aesthetics

bidet seat aesthetic

Smart toilets will win this round hands down.

As smart toilets are a whole unit, all the colors and parts are compatible and seamlessly blend into each other.  Some are floor-mounted, and some are wall-hung. They look modern and chic, which would increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom. 

Different from smart toilets, bidet seats are often a bit bulkier. Some come with a water reservoir to store heated water. Even the one with a tankless design is still somewhat obstructive. Your guest will tell them quickly, and there is always a tiny gap between the seat and bowl rim. 

If you really care about the integrity and aesthetic of your home, then the smart toilet is the better choice.

Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: installation

Installing a smart toilet is almost the same as installing a regular toilet. You will need to hire a plumber so it can sit on the ground and hang on the wall firmly. Unless you have some professional experience before, I don’t recommend you do it yourself. It is likely to cause a mess in the end. 

Nevertheless, you can install a bidet seat on your own. All you need to do is install a T-adaptor, remove the original toilet seat and get the bidet seat on. As long as there is an outlet nearby, you are all set.

The whole process doesn’t involve any complex steps that will stop you. If it is not available, you will need to ask an electrician to do it for you. 

Note that non-electric bidet seats don’t need an outlet. 

Hence, installing an electric bidet seat or a non-electric bidet is easier than installing a smart toilet. But a good plumber can solve this problem anyway.

Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: easy to use

Regarding ease of use, I don’t see much difference between using a smart toilet and an electric bidet toilet seat. There would be a short learning curve before figuring out how those buttons on the remote or side panels work. 

I always suggest starting from the lowest water pressure and temperature to avoid dangers and hassles. If your model has a user preset function, you should use it. This is an excellent feature for seniors and people with mobility issues. 

Using a non-electric bidet seat is very simple. You just need to bend over and look down to access the lever or knobs on the side, then it will start to spray water.

Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: cost

You have to deal with a higher upfront cost when buying a smart toilet than a bidet seat. A typical smart toilet price ranges from $1000 to $5000. While you can find a cost-effective one still such as the Woodbridge smart toilet, I wrote about before, but most models from reputable brands are above $2000.

Bidet seats are more affordable comparing smart toilets. Even though some may still think they are expensive. Electric bidet seats often cost from $200 to $1000. You can get a pretty good one at $500. The TOTO washlets often cost a bit more when compared to other brands with the same functions. 

The non-electric bidet seats cost even less. You can get a good one around $100 to $180.

Except for the product price, you also need to calculate the plumbing cost. Hiring a pro to install a smart toilet could cost you hundreds, but you can save this money if you choose a bidet seat since you can get it done by yourself.

So you should invest more when purchasing a smart toilet, but you will have a more beautiful bathroom, right?

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Smart toilet vs. bidet seat: easy to relocate

This aspect is essential to consider for those who live in an apartment or plan to relocate recently. It is rare to see somebody take their old toilets to their new house. It also applies to the smart toilet. 

As you know, smart toilets often cost a fortune, and you can wait for moving into your own house to get it installed. It is also possible that your landlord will not allow you to install it.

Bidet toilet seats are more convenient to remove and reinstall in another bathroom. You don’t need to modify your toilet at all. Just take out the bidet seat and put the original toilet seat back, and you are done.

However, you should make sure the toilet in your new home is compatible with the toilet seat. The bidet seat for elongated toilets is not likely to fit the round toilets. 


 I know it is hard to decide which one is better between the smart toilet and bidet seat.

The smart toilet is more suitable for those with many budgets to spend, looking for a chic toilet,  and having a luxurious toileting experience. As it will cost a lot, you’d better install it in a house that you expect to live in for a long time. 

Bidet seats are easier to install, and the price is much lower. You still get a good bidet with an array of advanced features if you don’t mind paying a bit more money.

You can move it to another place as long as the toilet is compatible. However, as it is an add-on to your toilet, it would look a bit bulkier, and the color may not be the same as your toilet. If you haven’t used any bidet before, you can start by using a bidet seat.

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