Inax Bidet Review: 8012A VS 8013A

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Bidets are becoming more popular in most states and are known to be more hygienic than using toilet papers. As a top brand of Japanese toilets, Inax bidets provide reliable and durable bidets that can be used for many years. An Inax bidet may last for 20 years while within those years you may have used double the money used to buy the bidet on buying toilet papers.

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In this post, we will go through the features and drawbacks of Inax bidets. You will know if it fits your need.

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Who is Inax

Inax bidet

Inax is a tile and sanitary fissures manufacturing company that was found in Japan in 1924. Frank Lloyd Wright initially used Inax tile for designing the Imperial Hotel based in Tokyo.

At the same time, it is one of the best Japanese bidet brands.  Inax has progressively grown into being a global leader in sanitary fixtures manufacturer. It is a pioneer in innovations, and it was the first one to introduce an advanced toilet and automatic self-powered faucet in Japan.

In 1945 is when Inax started the production of sanitary ware but still required the use of toilet papers. Then later in 1967, the first shower toilet featuring air dryer functions and spray with warm water was developed which started erasing the need for toilet papers. The first Japan shower toilet seat with heated seat feature was introduced in 1976 enhancing the privacy of the seniors and those with reduced movement. This shower toilet seat helps the seniors to use the toilet unattended, and then the bidet cleans and dries them.

Also, a dedicated shower arm (called nozzle) for washing the ladies intimate area was manufactured in 1988; hence women could now clean and rinse well during after delivery, menstruation or pregnancy.

Since then the Inax Company has improved the shower toilet by introducing new functions. They have introduced odor absorption functions to this shower toilet ( also called bidet toilet seat), and therefore your bathroom always smells fresh. To prevent the stress of cleaning the toilet seat seams with stains, Inax bidet designed shower toilets without seam which appeared to be one piece and no blemishes that can penetrate.

The latest model features automatic opening and closing lid, easy to lift, relaxation music, and plasmacluster with a smartphone remote controller. Well, you can call it a luxury bidet.

Benefits of Using an Inax Bidet

There are several benefits offered by these Inax bidets that provide high standard hygiene for your family. Keep your family safe from infections by reducing the need for toilet papers which make you touch your anus, perianal and front area.

  • Great design

A lot of people love Japanese products due to its great design. Yes, Inax also features for its user-friendly and beautiful design. The appearance of Inax bidet looks modern, smooth and you just feel quite comfortable when you sit on it.

  • Inax bidets clean better than toilet papers

Bidets prevent you from touching the intimate area which may cause outbreaks like cholera which is more dangerous to your kids. Toilet papers leave residues when wiping, but Inax bidets keep gently and thoroughly.

  • Provides privacy and independence

The disabled and seniors who require a caregiver to help with everything but with Inax bidets you will only have to assist them in sitting on the bidet toilet seat.

  • Cheap price

Inax is a leading toilet seat brand in Japan but it seems that its market share in the US is limited. When you compared the price of Inax with other brands, you will find that you can get better functions for a lower price.

Inax Bidets Review

Inax has some of the best bidet seats on the market compared to other brands. However, choosing the best bidet that suits your family needs may not be a simple task because there so many convincing bidets available on the market today such as Biobidet, Smartbidet, Kohler and so on. Inax has involved quality technology to ensure their bidets offer the best service.

In the US, 8013A and 8012A are two popular models of Inax bidets.  We review them and at the end, you should be able to decide which one suits your family.

1. Inax 8013A Shower Toilet Heated Bidet Seat Review

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This canvas white toilet bidet seat features dual nozzles that enable you to wash rear and front areas for both male and female. It allows you to enjoy five spray patterns that include rear massage, rear, front, feminine oscillation, and rear oscillation. This oscillation feature enables you to clean a more extensive area by moving the nozzle back and forth. Besides the outstanding spray pattern feature, the bidet seat has five different temperature and pressure levels.

It also features a slow-soft closing seat and lid that is quality and durable. The Inax 8013A bidet seat can be detached by a single click to allow easy and quick cleaning of the seat. Again, the bidet seat comes with a deodorizer that works with a clean and easily accessed charcoal filter cartridge that has a lifespan of approximately ten years. With this charcoal filter cartridge, your toilet is bound to smell fresh.

Moreover, the heated seat has three pre-settings and two customer settings to enable to set your suitable seat warmth. Also, it comes an antibacterial that starts working immediately you sit on it and even a side control panel. This Inax bidet used a tank heating system, but don’t worry.  It features an energy saving function which helps you to save your bills.

However, the Inax 8013A bidets seat can only be connected a new or already existing electrical outlet for it to function. Besides, it is available for elongated toilets only.


  • Advanced bidet toilet seat with customizable cleansing, warm water, and heated seat
  • Enabled side panel
  • Deodorizer to neutralize the odor
  • Offers quality results than the priced budget
  • Has an eco mode that saves energy
  • Different nozzle adjustments for thorough cleaning


  • This bidet lacks an air dryer
  • Should connect to an outlet.
  • Tank heating system.

2. Inax 8012A Shower Toilet Heated Bidet Seat Review

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White Inax 8012A comes with a heated seat that has five adjustments consisting of 3 pre-settings and 2 additional customer settings. It features five pressure and temperature settings that involves three pre-settings and two custom settings. The dual nozzles allow feminine wash, rear and front cleaning, rear oscillation, frontal oscillation, and a massage feature. You can control your bidet through remote control.

Its deodorizer uses charcoal filter cartilage to absorb and reduce the odor keeping your restroom smelling fresh. The cartilage is designed to serve for approximately ten years. Besides, the seat and the lid closes slowly without banging and alerting others that you are in the bathroom. But it is only for elongated toilets as well. Therefore, you should pay attention to your own toilet before buying it.

This Inax 8012A is connected with an existing or new electrical outlet installed so that it can function. The sweet energy saving function is also included in this product as well.


  • Remote control
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Different pressure and temperature setting
  • Slow seat-lid closing
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Deodorizer to get rid of the smell


  • It lacks an air dryer
  • The presetting could be annoying sometimes
  • Tank heating system may cause some inconvenience.

Inax 8013A VS Inax 8012 A

These two Inax bidet seats differ with only a few advanced features. Both Inax bidet toilet seats feature a deodorizer that uses charcoal filter cartilage which helps in minimizing odors in the restroom. They both feature rear oscillation, front and backwash, feminine wash, feminine oscillation, and massage feature.

Moreover, these Inax bidet seats have adjustable water temperature and pressure setting to make it suitable for you. The seats are also heated to keep you comfortable, hygiene and especially for the seniors while using the washroom.

However, both Inax bidets lack air dryer that needs to dry the water after washing which means you still need a toilet paper or something to dry up.  The tank heating system is just not for everybody because you have to wait for a while to clean yourself again if you used up the warm water in the reservoir.

The big difference between Inax 8013A and Inax 8012A is that 8013A use an attached control panel whereas 8012A featured remote control. You know, sometimes people will forget where they put the remote control. However, it is up to you.

Bottom Line

The Inax bidets are designed to satisfy your needs and keep you comfortable while in the restroom. Using bidets is more sanitary than toilet papers because you don’t come in to contact with germs. Inax 8012A and 8013A offer the advanced features of shower toilets.

Choosing the best Inax bidets may be difficult, but this review will assist you in getting the best Inax bidet for your home. If you want to find a good looking and high quality Japanese bidet, You can think about buying a Inax bidet.

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