How To Use A TOTO Washlet? ( Only 6 Simple Steps!)

Many people choose to buy TOTO Washlets because they are reputable and loaded with cutting-edge features. Once you get the gadget installed, the next step is to figure out how to use it.

how to use a toto washlet

So, how to use a TOTO Washlet? Even though there are an array of models available, the methods are more or less the same.

I will also point out different methods regarding some specific models. Just follow the steps below, and you can get the hang of it very soon.

Step 1: Open the lid

If it is your first time using a TOTO Washlet, there are a few preparation tasks to do. 

You need to make sure the bidet is plugged in, the remote has two AA batteries inserted, and the shutoff valve is fully opened. When the Washlet is in a normal state, the power LED light will illuminate.

If you use an entry-level or mid-range Washlet, you will open the lid on your own. But for those who have purchased high-end models such as S550E and G400 bidet toilet combo, the lid will open automatically when you approach, thanks to a sensor embedded.

Step 2: Do your business

When you sit down, you will immediately feel the comfort the heated seat offer you. The temperature of the heated seat ranges from 82 to 97 °F. It would be a must-have on chilly days. But you can choose to turn it off on the remote or side panel.

Meanwhile, the Premist feature will start to work by misting some water on the surface of the toilet bowl. It can be more effective in eliminating waste and other build-ups than a dry bowl. (Some entry-level models don’t have Premist feature.)

The deodorizer starts to remove bad odors in the bathroom simultaneously. It would make some sound. If you can put up with it, you can turn it off anyway.

Step 3: Adjust the bidet settings

Once you have done your business, you can bend over to access the side panel or pick the remote mounted on the wall to choose your preferred settings.

How to use a TOTO washlet remote control?

how to use toto washlet remote

Middle-range and high-end Washlets come with remote control. Depending on the models, the remote vary as well. Again, there is no significant difference between each model.

You can control the bidet through buttons on two sides of the remote. The most frequently used functions are on the front side, and you can finish more complicated settings on the backside.

You can choose the rear wash mode, front wash mode, pulsating mode, oscillating mode, air dryer, and self-cleaning wand on the front side. You could also increase or decrease the water pressure or change the nozzle position. Some models also have a wide front wash icon to press if you want a wide and gentle feminine wash.

On the bottom, you can find two personal setting locks (only available in some higher-end models), allowing you to store your preferred settings for two people. 

One thing worth mentioning is that you can only store your water temperature, water pressure, and wand position preferences. After pressing the “lock” icon, you still need to choose a spray mode.

In short, you can configure these settings by pressing the icons on the front.

The video below shows how exactly these buttons work.

When you turn the remote, you can find a few smaller icons. You will be able to modify the settings further here. Again, you can adjust the settings by pressing these buttons.

The first row is temperature setting buttons. You can adjust the seat temperature, water temperature, and dryer temperature here. When you press one of these buttons repeatedly, the lights above the icon will start to flash from low to high accordingly.

The second row is all about energy-saving. You can choose from “Auto energy saver,” “Auto energy saver+” or “Timer energy saver.” 

The third row is the setting confirmation button, and the fourth row is for wand extending when you want to clean the wand manually.

You can find more details in the manual of your Washlet. There would be a short learning curve, but you can figure it out shortly.

How to use a TOTO washlet side panel?

how to use a toto washlet side panel

Washlet models such as A100, C100, and C2 use a side panel. Many people do like this design as they don’t have to look for a remote that could be placed in other places by your naughty children.

Using a side panel is straightforward. You will be able to adjust the water temperature, water pressure, nozzle positions, spray modes on it. The seat temperature and dryer temperature are also adjustable. 

There is a wand-cleaning button and an energy savor button on the side. Typically, these two functions are “on” automatically, but you can turn it off if you want.

You can finish all these settings by pressing the buttons on the side panel. 

Check this video to know each button on the side panel.

Note that there are some tricks that you will only know after carefully reading the manual.

For example, after pressing the “stop” button for 10 seconds, all the LEDs on the panel will flash. Then you can press the “seat” button to set whether or not to deodorize after sitting on the seat. Or press the “oscillating” button and “wand cleaning” button together to select whether or not to premist the bowl.

Many things are to explore, but people often don’t change these settings.

The standard process is to press one of the spray mode buttons, and the bidet will start to work. If you feel the pressure or nozzle is incorrect, you will make some adjustments. You will remember your preferences and get them done within a few seconds as you get used to them.

Step 4: Enjoy your bidet spa

When you press any spray modes on the remote or side panel, the bidet will start to wash your butt.

The first step is self-cleaning the wand. Some models will use EWATER+, and others will use tap water. 

Then the nozzle will start to prop out water. Depending on which mode you select, the session will be less than 1 minute anyway. 

After that, the nozzle will retract into the gate, and the dryer will start to dry off your butt.

Step 5: Dab with toilet paper or bidet towel (optional)

You could use a bidet to replace toilet paper as long as the air dryer is effective, or you have a bit more time to kill. 

Even though the drys in Washlets are of quality, you still need to wait for a few minutes to get your butt dry thoroughly. 

If you are in a hurry, you may still need to dab dry with one or two squares of TP or a bidet towel if you don’t feel off-putting.

Step 6: Close the lid and flush the toilet

Now, you can stand up and turn back to close the lid. High-end models will close the lid automatically, and others have a soft close lid to prevent any slams.

Don’t forget to flush the toilet before leaving!

After you leave, Washlet will continue to work. Its deodorizer will work to purify the air for 60 seconds. The wand will clean itself again after 25 seconds. Some models will also mist the bowl with electrolyzed water.

Actually, these models will mist the bowl and clean the wand with EWATER+ periodically if the bidet is not in use to keep it always ready for use.

Final thoughts

After reading this guide, I am sure you already have a good idea about how to use a TOTO washlet. Sit on the toilet, choose the settings you need, and then the bidet will start to work as you wish.

The crucial part is figuring out these buttons on the remote or side panel. There will be some trial and error, but you can use it confidently once you get familiar with the mode, temperature, and pressure. 

You can configure some complex settings too. Follow this guide or read the manual, you can get it done. 

TOTO offers elaborated manuals. You will be able to find everything you need in it even though it is a bit long.

If you don’t have a Washlet yet, you could opt for the models we recommend on the site.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.