How to Install a Handheld Bidet Sprayer

The handheld bidet sprayer is a kind of bidet that has been popular for a long time. Some people prefer it rather than the electric bidet seat since it is affordable, powerful, and easy to use and install. 

how to install a handheld bidet sprayer

We should know how to install a handheld bidet sprayer before learning how to use it. Instead of hiring a pro, you can get it done within a few minutes and save a bunch of money. Trust me, it is quite easy even you are not a craftsman.   I outline a guide for installing a handheld bidet in this post. Follow this guide, and you can get it installed properly.  

In case you don’t know which handheld bidet sprayer to get, check our best handheld bidet guide here.

Step 1: Unbox the handheld bidet

handheld bidet package

You can get a handheld bidet online and in your local store. It often comes with a complete kit which consists of a sprayer head, a T-adaptor, a holder, a hose, some screws. Some also contain a bidet holder plate and Teflon tape like I got in this package. 

I suggest you read the manual carefully to ensure you install it in the right way. Rest assured, most handheld bidet sprayers share the same installation method.

Step 2: Gathering the tools

You will need an adjustable wrench to screw and unscrew the bidet sprayer hose and a screwdriver if you plan to mount the holder on the wall. 

To keep your bathroom clean, I also suggest you get a small bucket and some microfiber cloths to prevent potential water leaking.

Step 3: Turn off the shutoff valve

We don’t want the water flooding our bathroom. So you should turn off the shutoff valve on the wall behind your toilet tank to stop water flow into the water line. 

Step 4: Empty the toilet tank

Since we will need to open the fill valve under the tank later, we need to ensure the tank is empty. After the shutoff valve is closed, you are going to flush the toilet and hold down the handle until no water comes out anymore. 

You should also check if there is any water running into the tank. If it is the case, the shutoff valve is not successfully closed, and you have to adjust it again.

Step 5: Detach the water line and attach the T-valve

handheld bidet sprayer T valve

T-valve also refers to T-adaptor, which diverts the water to the bidet and toilet.

There is a water supply line that connects to the toilet tank. We should disconnect it by unscrewing the fill valve under the tank. It would be best if you put the bucket or cloths on the ground because some water remains in the hose. 

Then you need to attach the T-valve to the fill valve. You’d better hand tighten it at this moment in case of any modification later. Remember to keep the valve in the “off” position so that the water will not prop out when you turn on the shutoff valve.

Step 6: Connect the water line and handheld bidet hose

install handheld bidet hose

Then connect the water line to the thread on the one side of the T-valve and use your hand to screw it. Then take out the bidet hose in the package and connect it to the other thread of the T-valve. You can compare the size of hose to see which one fits best.

Step 7: Connect the bidet sprayer head

bidet hose

Connect the other end of the bidet hose to the bidet sprayer head. 

Step 8: Install the holder

handheld bidet holder

You can install a holder on the wall or hook it on the toilet tank. If you live in an apartment, I advise you to hook on the toilet because installing a holder on the wall could alternate the wall permanently. 

To hook the holder is easy peasy. Just lift the tank lid and hook the holder on the edge of the tank and close the lid.

There are expanding nuts and screws available to let you mount the holder into the wall.

Step 9: Turn on the shutoff valve and T-valve

Until now, you are almost done. Turn on the shutoff valve and T-valve to see if there are any leaks. You will hear the water filling the tank again.

Then you should gently compress the trigger on the sprayer head to test the water pressure. Whether it is too strong or soft, you can adjust it by turning the T-valve or shutoff valve.

Extra steps for installing a dual-temp handheld bidet sprayer

Most handheld bidet sprayers are cold water bidets. But you can turn it into a dual-temp model within a few steps.

Instead of installing a T-valve, you need to opt for a hot/cold bidet mixing valve. In this way, there is another thread for hot water to get in, and you can adjust the water temperature with the water control on the valve. 

Another step you should do is to install a T-valve on the hot water line from a sink nearby. It is usually located under the cabinet, and to get the connecting water hose through, and you will need to drill a hole on the cabinet wall.


Installing a handheld bidet sprayer ( also known as “bidet hose”) is not a complicated task to do. Turn off the shutoff, install a T-valve and connect the hoses; anyone could get it done.

If you have a dual-temp model, things can get a bit harder. Instead of installing a T-valve, you need to install a mixing valve at the same place and install a t-valve on the hot water supply nearby. It would take a bit more time, but you can figure it out easily. 

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.