How To Dissolve Poop Stuck In The Toilet? 9 Effective Ways To Try

It is so embarrassing and disgusting that you find the poop stuck in the toilet after doing your business. This situation would be even worse when visiting relatives or friends. Luckily, breaking down poop is not a hard task to do in most cases. 

how to dissolve poop stuck in the toilet

I will show you a few hacks to dissolve feces in toilets fast and safely in this post. You don’t have to flee in shame or talk this awkward thing to the host anymore.

1. Use a toilet brush to press the poop down

toilet brush

Almost every bathroom in America has a brush near the toilet. While we often use it to clean the bowl, you can also use it to deal with the hard poop. It could be the most straightforward solution when using a guest bathroom. 

Use the brush to press the content down into the drain and hold it down. Meanwhile, you need to flush the toilet. 

If it doesn’t work initially, you need to keep trying a few times. Typically, the stool will be flushed out if the toilet drain is passable. Otherwise, you may need to try other solutions.

2. Use a plunger to push the turd down and unclog the toilet

use plunger to press poop down

Every toilet will become unclogged at some point in our life. That’s why most families have a plunger nearby. It is such a simple, affordable, but effective tool to use. 

The plunger works according to Boyle’s law. The water pressure in the drain will increase when you push down the plunger and seal the drain opening. The pressure will decrease when you pull up the plunger. This movement creates a vacuum which is effective in unclogging the pipe.

The same as using a brush, you need to push the content down to the drain and then push and pull the plunger continuously.

You can start slowly and increase the speed gradually. You need to flush the toilet again once the poop doesn’t come back to the bowl. 

It is possible that the water still runs slow. In this case, you need to repeat the process again and again so that the stuck waste in the drain will be removed.

3. Hot water and dish soap can soften the feces 

The poop stuck in the toilet is usually hard. Therefore, when it becomes soft, it can be flushed away. Using hot water only can solve the problem sometimes.

You need to fill the bucket with hot water and pour it into the bowl until the bowl is full of hot water. You can also use the shower to send endless hot water to the toilet. Be careful when you do this, and don’t use boiling water.

Wait for about 10 minutes until the stool becomes soft enough to flush. 

To boost this process, you can add a cup of dish soap into the bowl before pouring the hot water. The detergent will be helpful in dissolving the hard feces quicker. But I still advise you to wait for about 10 minutes to flush the toilet again.

4. Soda and vinegar break down poop quickly

soda and vinegar

This is a common homemade solution to deal with hard turds in the toilet but works wonders in many cases.

Soda and vinegar are found in almost any kitchen, and the chemical reaction would dissolve the solid matters in the poop. 

As far as using this method, pour a cup of Soda into the toilet bowl and then pour another cup of white vinegar to create the reaction. Noted that you need to add the vinegar gradually until the foams don’t produce bubblings. 

Once it is done, flush the toilet to see if your large poop becomes flushable. If not, you can continue to add some hot water to it and try again.

It is normal to repeat this process a few times until the feces disappear in the bowl.

5. Coca-cola and plastic foil work wonders sometimes

 It may surprise you that your favorite Coke can save you from this embarrassing scenario. A bottle of Coke can produce a lot of gas for increasing pressure and soften the big feces gradually. 

In terms of increasing pressure, it needs to work with plastic foil. Seal the bowl with a layer of plastic foil and wait for about 1 hour to let the Coke does its work. To test the effect by flushing the toilet again.

6. Use a poop knife even though it is a bit off-putting

poop spatula

For those who often produce big poop ( See how big a poop can be here), a poop knife comes in handy. It is a thin plastic chip that can cut the turd into pieces, just like cutting the butter. 

If you have no time to get this specific tool, you could use the spatula as an alternative. 

7. Use your hand – I don’t want to gross you out

I know it is disgusting, but when there is no tool available and if you are in an emergency, you can wear a pair of waterproof gloves and then use your hands to mash up the poop.

Remember to clean the gloves and your hands thoroughly after that. 

8. Bleach is useful but could be dangerous to use.

Household bleach can dissolve the poop quickly, but you should be careful while using it. Remember to wear gloves and goggles and pour the bleach into the bowl slowly to prevent any splash. 

You need to wait about half an hour before the turd gets soft and flush the toilet to see if it works. 

To flush away all the bleach, you should flush the toilet a few times even though the stuck poop is flushed away.

9. High water pressure can work

Sometimes, the poop can be broken down by higher water pressure. To achieve it, you need to fill the bucket with water and pour it from a high distance. You should watch out so that the dirty water will not spray on your body.

Why does poop get stuck in the toilet?

Poop doesn’t only consist of old waste from what we ate. In fact, it is made up of 75% water and 25% solid matter typically. Therefore, the poop is usually soft and can be flushed easily. However, the poop will get stuck in the toilet when too big and hard to pass through the drain.

When the colon absorbs too much water, your stool will become hard. There are a few reasons for it. 

For example, you may not drink enough water or take enough fiber in your diet. It could also be associated with intestinal issues or pregnancy. The lack of exercise is another common cause.

You can learn a few ways to break down hard poop in this post but to avoid this embarrassment again, you may need to change your lifestyle, modify your diet, or consult your doctor.


Don’t be agitated when you find a big poop stuck in the toilet. You can deal with it by using the methods I mentioned above. 

Sometimes, a brush, a plunger, or a bucket of water can do the trick. If not, go to the kitchen and find Soda and vinegar. This mix can break down the poop gradually, allowing it to flush later. Another DIY solution is pouring hot water and dish soap into the bowl.

For those who are Coke lovers, why not take advantage of it. The components in Coke can soften the poop and create high pressure with help of plastic foil.

At last, you could use a specific poop knife or a spatula to cut the rope and make it into small pieces. In this way, it could be flushed away much easier.

Hope this guide can help you out!

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