Do Men Use Bidets? You Should Know These Benefits For Men

There are a few myths around the bidets. After all, bidets are new to most Americans. There are various bidets in the market and it is hard to figure out how each of them works. Since women and men have many physical differences, you may wonder whether men use bidets or not. 

do men use bidets

Yes, men can use bidets, and they can benefit a lot from using a bidet. 

Even though I have summarized the benefits of using a bidet in another post, I want to elaborate on the benefits for men in this post. Trust me, every guy deserves a bidet. 

Do men use bidets?

There is no difference in bowel movement between women and men; therefore, men can and should use bidets as women do. 

A clean bottom is essential for men’s personal hygiene, and the gentle water stream from a bidet can be an excellent way to relax and unwind. Take a break in the bathroom and let the bidet make you fresh. 

Women will use the feminine wash to clean their lazy bits, which is not helpful for men in most cases. Hence, if a man lives alone, he can save some money by buying a simple bidet without a feminine wash mode.

How does a man use a bidet?

Using a bidet for men is easy. After doing your business, just remain seated and let the bidet take away the feces. You could also use a wider spray mode or feminine wash to get a more thorough clean if you suffer from jock itch or bacterial prostatitis. 

Then you can take one or two sheets of toilet paper or a bidet towel to dry you off. You can also use a dryer if available or air dry it if you have a little more time to kill. I recommend you to take some TP if you are using a toilet in the company.

Benefits of using a bidet for men

Cleaner underwear

Using a bidet can save more toilet paper and bring you a cleaner nether region. The water stream can effectively rinse all the feces and other debris, even those sticking to the hairs. 

As you know, many men tend to have a hairier bottom, and it is not uncommon for them to leave marks on their underwear. With the help of a bidet, nothing will be left on the underwear anymore. It will be good for your personal hygiene as well since waste may cause infections in the end.

Smooth jock itch

“Jock itch” (also known as “tinea cruris”) refers to a fungus infection that often happens to the moist and warm area of your body, such as the groin. Unfortunately, it affects mostly adult men

It is itchy or even painful, and these situations can be worse if you leave your groin area unclean. Since the water propping out from the bidet can wash away the feces, you are usually very clean all day if you properly dry it every time you use a bidet. In this case, the fungus will not grow, and it could boost the recovery process if you are applying any over-the-counter medication or other ointments. 

Prevent bacterial prostatitis

bacterial prostatitis

A bacterial infection causes bacterial prostatitis in the prostate. It includes acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis. The acute bacterial prostatitis will need immediate medication.

Symptoms of this condition often include painful urination, fever, chills, blood in semen, and so on. Almost 8% of men will have prostatitis at some point in their life. A good way to prevent bacterial prostatitis is to treat UITs to prevent the bacteria from spreading to the prostate gland. 

A bidet can effectively clean yourself, which helps to reduce UITs. In this way, your prostate gland can run less risk of getting infections. 

Relieve constipation and hemorrhoids

Even though women are more susceptible to constipation, men, especially older men, can also suffer.

The water stream from a bidet can stimulate the muscles around the anus, allowing things to start to move. It also works by smoothing the pressure on the veins, preventing hemorrhoids development

Some electric bidet seats come with an “enema mode” which can penetrate the anus a bit by using a powerful water stream. It is not an actual enema but could help to relieve constipation.

Clean before and after sex

Men should wash their genitals before and after intercourse where penile penetration is involved. It is also advisable to pee after sex, even though it seems more important for women.

These are vital steps to prevent infections and a good way to show your partner that you care about her and your personal hygiene. 

Instead of taking a shower, you can wash your genital with a bidet which is much more convenient. You will more intend to keep a good habit when the thing is easier to do.

Bottom line

Men can use a bidet. I am not saying any specific type of bidet. Men can use any bidet just like women do. 

After pooping, you can trigger your bidet and let the power of water take away the feces and other debris. It can not only save toilet paper but help to relieve jock itch, bacterial prostatitis, and constipation many males affected. 

Aside from that, a bidet can keep you clean before and after sex which your partner will appreciate.

Sexuality can’t stop you from using a bidet. Hygiene in your nether region is essential regardless of whether you are a man or woman.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.