COCO Bidet Review

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The COCO bidet is the product of Bio Life Technologies in which they have the best product to enhance the hygiene in your bathroom. The Company has used new technology to provide quality bidets with advanced features to give exceptional cleanliness. This brand is not as big as TOTO or Kohler, but it obtains some market share in the bidet world. They have a few bidet toilet seat that sells well on the platforms, therefore we come up this post to let you know which one suits you best.

coco bidet review

Features of  COCO Bidet

As you know, bidets help you to wash your rear and front area thoroughly to avoid infections. Using toilet papers could make you contract dangerous diseases like cholera which will cause you to spend much money in a hospital or even lead to death.

COCO bidet will eliminate the use of toilet papers in your home because it has excellent features. Once you have purchased these bidets, it may last for over 20 years while for those years you may have spent more money than you could have used to buy the COCO bidet.  Let’s dive a little more and see what amazing features COCO bidets have.

  • No bad odors

Most of COCO bidet features a deodorizer so that you will feel fresh during or after using the bathroom. This function can help you avoid embarrassment.

  • Antibacterial

The material of toilet seat used by COCO Bidet 6035R is antibacterial, it helps you to maintain a good level of health.

  • Heated seat

When the cold weather arrives, you can’t stand the cold toilet seat anymore. Most of COCO bidets are heated bidet toilet seats which will make you feel much comfortable.

  • LED night light

When you want to use the bathroom at night, The LED night light installed in the COCO Bidet 9500R can prevent falls without totally waking you up. You can continue your sleep smoothly after using the toilet.

  • Easy and Quick Installation

COCO bidet is easily used with most modern toilets and takes a few minutes to finish the whole installation process. This bidet comes with an installation kit with all the tools required for fixing.

  • It is Eco-Friendly

There are so many trees that are cut to manufacture toilet papers which may affect the climate of an area. With COCO bidet in your home, you will not need to use toilet papers because they even feature an air dryer to dry the water after washing.

COCO Bidet Review

When you look at the trend of the bidets, it’s clear that in a few years the use of toilet papers will be entirely reduced by bidets. There are many bidets from different brands available on the market which has a few differences. However, it is not easy to select the best product, but we believe this review will help you to choose the best COCO bidet.

1. White Elongated COCO Bidet 9500R Toilet Seat

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This elongated bidet toilet seat is tankless and provides warm water continuously since it heats the water instantly as it flows. Unlike the other bidets that usually feature a large water reservoir that supplies warm water for a minute, COCO bidet 9500R gives you unending water. It also features 3 in 1 nozzle, LED night light, Enema jet that is coated with aluminum to prevent rusting.

Besides, there is a heated seat that will give you comfort while in the bathroom. If the place were to be cold, then it would not be suitable for kids and seniors. With the far-infrared air dryer, you will not require a toilet paper to dry your butt. What makes this COCO bidet outstanding is its advanced kids’ function. This enables your children to stay clean the whole day. It saves energy and hence you will not have to spend much money on electricity bills.

Besides, the posterior and feminine wash provides an easy time especially if you have menstruation or you are pregnant.  Also, it has a massage and pulsation function that enhances your comfort in the restroom. The deodorizer allows you to stay fresh the whole day and it also minimizes odor in the bathroom. It comes with AC power with 120V and 1270W, and it’s also UL listed. Each COCO bidet 9500R offers three years limited warranty although the used and already installed bidets cannot be returned.


  • Provides warm water continuously
  • All the jets and nozzles are aluminum coated hence no rusting
  • Has air dryer
  • It is suitable for both kids and adults
  • It’s energy efficient


  • The product is quite expensive

2. Electronic Elongated COCO Bidet 6035R Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

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The electronic COCO bidet is operated with a digital and convenient infrared remote control that helps in customizing water pressure, heated seat and water temperature. It comes with a built-in catalytic deodorizer that aids in neutralising the bad odors in the bathroom. It also has water pressure and temperature control settings to enable you to enjoy your stay in the washroom.

Furthermore, it has a powerful far-infrared warm air dryer which soothes you as it dries the water from your bum. This COCO bidet can fit in all elongated toilets including one piece toilets with a French curve and has an antibacterial composite that stops the growth of bacteria. The bidet has two self-cleaning nozzles; hence you will not have to worry about the bacteria. The two nozzles are designed to wash both anterior and posterior which is ideal for pregnant women and those on menstruation.

Moreover, it also features an intense impulse pulsation that is essential especially during constipation. The antibacterial soft closing seat is heated to provide the best experience in the washroom. While cleaning, the seat can be easily detached and attached after cleaning. It is created with a kids function to enhance the cleanliness of your kids after using the bathroom. Also, you can thread the power cord to feature on the left or right-hand side. It also has an in-built water tank for continuous warm water supply. Again, this COCO bidet comes with three years warranty, but there is no refund or return of already used bidets.


  • Dual nozzles for anterior and posterior
  • Antibacterial seat
  • 24 hours of customer service
  • Easy to detach and attach the seat
  • Has a water tank for continuous water


  • Although there is a warranty, you cannot get a replacement

3. White Non-electric COCO 1035 Bidet Attachment

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This COCO bidet attachment 1035 is designed to fit the standard two-piece toilets. Even if there is no electricity in your home, you can still use this bidet. It is the perfect model for remote areas. The bidet also features a stainless steel hose to prevent rusting and make it durable.

Additionally, the product is easy to install and comes with five pressure settings.  We reviewed tushy bidet attachment and luxe bidet attachment before, you can click to gain more information.


  • Has a fair price
  • Feature stainless steel hose
  • Has five pressure settings
  • No electricity required


  • There is no kids function
  • It lacks most of the advanced features like deodorizer, air dryer, heated seat and soft closing lid.

Bottom Line

COCO bidet gives the best bidets to enhance the hygiene of your family. Bidets reduce the use of toilet papers and hence there is less clogging. These bidets feature quality features that are suitable for a perfect butt and front cleaning. But yes, some of these COCO bidets are quite expensive compared to other brands such as TOTO or Biobidet. If you only need a cheap and straightforward bidet, then you will also find one in COCO bidets.

However, it is essential to select the bidet carefully because COCO bidet does not offer a refund or replacement if you aren’t satisfied by the product so long as you have already installed the bidet. This COCO bidet review will enable you to learn the pros and cons of these bidets and why it is essential to buy a bidet for the seniors or the whole family. These bidets are ideal for seniors, individuals who have Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and disability to enable them to increase their privacy.

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