Compare Different Bidet Water Heaters: Tank vs Tankless vs Hybrid vs Plumbing System

Bidets employ different bidet water heating systems to provide warm water for users. Some use a tankless heater, a reservoir tank heater, or a hybrid heater. Some non-electric bidets make use of the hot water line at home. 

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In this post, I want to enumerate the set of pros and cons of each heater type. Therefore, you could figure out which type of warm water bidet is the one you need.

Warm water bidets with water tank heaters

Many entry-level electric bidet seats use water tank heaters. Actually, you can tell these models easily as they have a water reservoir in the rear of the main unit, making the bidet bulkier than other bidets.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable in the first place as the tank takes up some spaces in the rear and narrow the area for you to sit on.

The heater will preheat the water in the tank. When the user activates the bidet, the heated water will come out from the tank to wash your sensitive area. The water temperature is steady, and the water pressure tends to be high.

However, the warm water could run out within 30 seconds. Since the tank water heater can’t heat the water coming from the water supply immediately, the water will gradually cool down. 

It could also add some cost to your electricity bill as the heater has to preheat the water in the tank constantly. Even though some models have energy saver modes, they will still consume more electricity than tankless heaters.


  • Bidets with tank water heaters are cheaper than tankless heaters or hybrid heaters.
  • It could provide warm water without any cold water burst at the start.
  • Higher water pressure due to the tank.


  • It could consume more electricity than other models. 
  • The warm water will run out soon.
  • It makes the bidet bulkier and uncomfortable to sit on.

Warm water bidets with tankless water heaters

If you find an electric bidet seat with a slim design, chances are it is a bidet with a tankless water heater.  Since it doesn’t use a tank to store warm water, it would save much space, allowing you to sit more comfortably. 

We also refer to tankless water heaters as instant water heaters. These heaters use the coil to heat the water pass through so that it would not need any extra tank. You can enjoy endless warm water with it because the coil could warm the water in no time.

They have higher maximum power consumption but will end up saving more electricity because the heaters don’t work when the bidet is not in use. It also means they may have more¬†electricity requirements.

There is a short distance between the tankless heater and the nozzle end. The water remaining in between will cool down when not in use. This leads to a cold burst when you try to use the bidet again. 

It would not be a big issue for most users as the cold water will run out within one second. However, it could be a problem for some more sensitive. 

Moreover, bidets with instant water heaters tend to be more expensive. So you need to pay more upfront. 


  • These bidets are more slim and sleek.
  • You will feel more comfortable when sitting on these bidets.
  • You can enjoy the continuous warm water.
  • Bidets with tankless water heaters save more electricity.


  • They are more expensive.
  • There is a short cold-water burst before each use. 
  • More electricity requirements.

Bidets with hybrid water heaters

The bidet seat with a hybrid heater is something between the bidet with a tank heater and the bidet with a tankless heater. 

Instead of getting rid of the tank completely as the tankless heater bidet does, this type of bidet still employs a small water tank. But it also uses a tankless heater to heat the water even though it is not so powerful. 

The heating coil will heat the water and send the warm water to the small tank. When the bidet is activating, the warm water will come out from the tank so that you will never experience the cold water shock. 

As I said, the tankless heater in this model is not powerful. It also means that it may not be able to heat the water thoroughly before getting into the tank. Therefore, some models may run out the warm water still. Usually, the warm water could last longer than the tank heater models, which is about 45 seconds.

Luckily, some hybrid models these days are capable of providing endless warm water. You should check with the sellers or read the reviews.

Compared to the ones with tank heaters, these bidets have a thinner profile. But they will still be bulkier than many models with tankless heaters. Also, the price of a hybrid heater bidet seat is between the tankless heater bidet and tank heater bidet.


  • It is cheaper than bidets with tankless heaters.
  • It is thinner than bidets with tank heaters.
  • You will enjoy longer or even endless warm water than using a bidet that uses a tank heater.


  • It is more pricey than the one with a tank heater.
  • The warm water may run out.
  • It looks bulkier than the bidet with a tankless heater.

Bidets that get warm water from the hot water line

Most non-electric bidets only offer unheated water. But you still could find several warm water ones in the market. These models don’t utilize any electricity to heat the water. Instead, they make use of the household hot water line directly.¬†

You can adjust the water temperature and water pressure of these bidets. But they don’t have many extra cutting-edge features. Accordingly, you can get them at a much lower price.


  • These models are very cheap.
  • They don’t need an outlet nearby.
  • It could provide endless warm water.


  • It could be complicated to install.
  • It doesn’t have many features.


Bidets use various heating systems. In this post, I illustrate each type’s features, pros, and cons. 

More and more people choose to buy a bidet with a tankless heater as it could provide endless warm water, looks great, and is comfortable. But the upfront cost is higher.

Some beginners or people sensitive to the water temperature prefer a bidet with a tank heater since it is cheaper and would not have any cold water shock at the beginning. But it can take much sittable space and waste more energy.

The bidet with a hybrid heater is a great in-between in terms of price and performance.

For those who don’t care much about the bells and whistles, a warm water non-electric bidet could be another option. It uses a plumbing system and has the lowest price among these types.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.