Bidet Vs Toilet Paper: Are Bidets Better Than Toilet Paper?

Even though the bidet was invented a few hundred years ago, it is still new to most people in North America. As a relatively new to clean up after pooping and peeing, many people wonder: are bidets better than toilet paper? 

bidet vs toilet paper

When comparing bidet with toilet paper, the bidet is more environment-friendly, can save more money in a long time, clean your butt more thoroughly, and make you feel more comfortable. However, toilet paper is more practical when you are in a hurry or use a public restroom. It is also a better solution for people who are really on a budget at this moment. 

Bidet vs toilet paper? You can find everything you need in the following sections below. Read on!

Bidet is more eco-friendly than toilet paper 

bidet is more environment-friendly than toilet paper

Toilet paper puts a large burden on our environment. It is a fact that we often ignore in our daily life. 

Although a single roll of toilet paper is lightweight and has a small size, it will cost about 37 gallons of water and 1.5 pounds of wood to make it, let alone the harmful chemicals involved in the production process.

Considering each American will consume about 141 rolls of TP per year, how many trees and water will be used each year.

By contrast, bidets are more eco-friendly options. Bidets are made from plastic and some metals. Much less water is needed to make it. In addition, each one can last for a few years instead of purchasing it every week. 

Aside from that, all bidets need are water and electricity. A bidet will cost 1/8 gallon water per session. Compared to how much water is used to make a roll of TP, it is much less.  

Regarding the electricity, a single roll of TP will cost 1.3 Kwh, and you will use 183.3 kWh per year on TP. An electric bidet will use about 200 kWh per year which is more or less the same. You could get a model with higher efficiency if you want to cut your electricity bill.

If you are using a bidet attachment, non-electric bidet seat, or a handheld sprayer, it would not be a problem at all.

Bidets have a higher upfront cost but can save money in the long run

A single roll of TP is very cheap, about $0.8 on average. However, since we have to use about 141 rolls per year, it will add up to a large number which is about $112 per year.

Then let’s look at the price of bidets. Not any bidet can be as low as $0.8. So if you only have a few dollars in the pocket, then TP is definitely the way to go. I don’t advise you to buy a bidet with a too low price as it is possibly flimsy and can’t last.

The price varies a lot depending on the types of bidets. Handheld bidets, portable bidets, and bidet attachments are the most affordable types, and you can find a solid one under $100. Non-electric bidet seats are usually a bit pricier, but most are under $200. 

Electric bidet seats have an array of valuable features and have a higher price tag accordingly. Many models cost about $200 to $500, and some luxury ones can cost more than $500. The most expensive type is the bidet toilet combo which often costs more than $1000 and could be as high as $5000.

You see,  bidets have a higher upfront cost, especially when you think about getting an electric bidet seat or bidet toilet combo. But wait a minute and think about how much money you can save on TP by using it.

You can save 75% on TP on average since most people can’t replace toilet paper entirely. Hence, you can save 100 rolls which are 80 dollars. Let’s suppose, for example, you live in a 4-person household and you guys share a bidet, then you can save 320 dollars per year on TP. 

Yes, using a bidet can increase some water and electricity costs. But they are trivial, which is about $25 per year. So your cost can be reduced by $295 per year by using a bidet.

A quality bidet can last more than five years, so you can break even within a short time as long as you don’t buy a super expensive combo.

Bidets are gentler and more sanitary than toilet paper

bidet is gentler than toilet paper

The skin on your nether region is sensitive and prone to irritation. Typically, we don’t feel much when wiping with toilet paper. But when we wipe too many times during a day or have some health conditions such as hemorrhoids, toilet paper can cause pain or even bleeding.

Bidets use a water stream to wash our anus and vulva. You will feel more comfortable as long as you don’t use a spray with too high pressure or temperature. It is just like we like to shower but do not necessarily want to wipe our body with TP.

Bidets are more sanitary than TP in most cases. Water has been used as a clean agent for a long time. Since water is a polar molecule, it could effectively take away dirt and debris. Instead of smearing feces around, bidets could wash away all the waste thoroughly, leaving you a super clean butt. 

Many bidets also have a feminine wash mode, bringing you a better experience during menstruation. 

However, you have to clean a bidet regularly to prevent any contamination.

 (Check here to know how a bidet works exactly)

Toilet paper can save you more time

While I have talked about many advantages of bidets, toilet paper is still better in some cases. 

Many people have a busy life so spending too much time on the toilet is not a good option. This is especially true when you work at a company. If you have a meeting to attend, then you can’t wait an extra minute and just want to wipe your butt up with toilet paper as soon as possible. 

In addition, to keep a bidet clean, you have to clean it frequently. Even though cleaning a bidet is not a complex task to do, you can save some effort if you don’t use it at all. After all, you can just throw your used TP into a trash bin, and you are done.

So toilet paper can save you more time cleaning you and cleaning the bidet itself.

Toilet paper is more universal than a bidet

Almost everyone knows how to use TP, but not everyone understands how to use a bidet.

If your friends visit you, you’d better prepare some TP for them even though you don’t use it anymore. It is possible that the bidet is a new thing to them, or they feel awkward using such an intimate gadget as a guest.

The portable bidet is useful when traveling. However, it is possible that you can’t find a place to fill the water. But toilet paper can always do the trick even though there is no water source.

Suppose you lost your portable bidet on the journey. Sometimes it is hard for you to get a new one immediately, but you can be sure that you can find a roll of toilet paper anywhere. 

Therefore, toilet paper seems to be better for guests and travelers. 

Bottom line

In this post, I compared bidet with toilet paper from different aspects. Bidet vs toilet paper, no one is an absolute winner. 

Bidets are better for the environment because they don’t require so much water and wood to produce as toilet paper does. They can save more money by reducing the money on TP to a large extent.

They are also a gentler way to clean your butt, and they can clean it up more thoroughly. 

However, your guests may feel uncomfortable using a bidet in your home, and it is not so convenient when you are in a hurry. 

As a traveler, you can continue to use a portable bidet. However, carrying some TP is always a good idea in case the portable bidet gets lost. 

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.