Best Bidet Toilet Combos: The Luxurious Experience You Want

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Do bidet toilet seats not impress you anymore? Looking to take it to the next level? Well, then we’d be pleased to introduce you to bidet toilet combos.

best bidet toilet combos

Toilet bidet combos could bring you an integrated toileting experience and have a sleek appearance. They often come with many advanced features, but it is something that could make you feel overwhelmed.

Therefore, I have come up with this guide to help you find the best bidet toilet combos. These combos are not exactly light on the market, so before spending your money, you want to make sure your needs are met.

Our Picks For Best Bidet Toilet Combos

We advise you to choose one from reputable brands. If you are in a hurry, check these three combos directly.

Best Overall
Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White
Sleek Design
Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated...
Budget Option
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S 1.28 GPF Single Toilet with Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat...
Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White
Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated...
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S 1.28 GPF Single Toilet with Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat...
Best Overall
Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White
Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Bathroom-Hardware, Cotton White
Sleek Design
Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated...
Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Skirted One-Piece Elongated...
Budget Option
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S 1.28 GPF Single Toilet with Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat...
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S 1.28 GPF Single Toilet with Intelligent Smart Bidet Seat...

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Best Bidet Toilet Combo Reviews

Below we review the best models in the markets to ensure you know better about the products before purchasing.

1. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H – Best Overall

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While it is really an expensive item, this Neorest 700H toilet with bidet built in from the reputable brand TOTO is the one that could bring the ultimate comfortable experiences.

Featuring an auto flush function and an auto open and close lid, you can have a real hand-free experience which is excellent for seniors and people with disabilities. The night light is also a nice touch as it can guide you without waking you up entirely during the night.

It will only consume 1.0 gallon per flush without any compromise on efficiency. The TORNADO FLUSH technology could flush away all the waste at once.

In addition, the EWATER+, the premist function, and the CEFIONTECT glaze work together to prevent any waste from adhering to the bowl. So the toilet will always keep clean, and you can save some money on your weekly cleaning routine.

It also comes with an array of spray modes, a heated seat, five adjustable temperatures and pressure settings, a deodorizer, and a dryer to make it luxurious.

Simply put, this toilet bidet combo embraces almost all the advanced features in the industry and can save more water at the same time.

If budget is not an object, this is one of the best models to go.


  1. Environmentally friendly and conserves water.
  2. Hands-free operation with the remote control.
  3. Easy to clean due to cyclonic rinsing action and EWATER+.
  4. Night light included.
  5. Can be used by folks of all ages and sizes.


  1. Complicated functions.
  2. Auto Lid Function is a bit flimsy.

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2. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S – Best Affordable Toilet Bidet Combos

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Not everyone can afford a TOTO Neorest. Luckily, you could get a much cheaper toilet bidet combo from Woodbridge.

Even though this B-0960S model has a low price tag, it still includes all the necessary features that most combos have.

An auto open and close lid, a warm seat, an air dryer and deodorizer, adjustable water temperature and pressure, different modes for posterior wash and feminine wash, and a night light to prevent falls these great features are all embraced in this affordable model.

Aside from it, it has a 1.6 GPF/1.0 GPF dual flushing system which could save more water than a traditional toilet.

However, it doesn’t have a premist function and electrolyzed water to sterilize the nozzle and bowl. You may need to clean your toilet more often.


  • Cost-effective. You can get a good bidet toilet combo at a low price.
  • Auto Dual flushing system.
  • It has all the necessary features. For example an auto open and close lid, a heated seat, or a pulsating wash.


  • Not many features to prevent solid stains from staying on the bowl.
  • No electrolyzed water to clean your body and nozzles.

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3. VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090SA – Best Mid-range Toilet Bidet Combo

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This integrated bidet from Korea has gained much attention in the market. It is a toilet bidet with some unique features but is moderately priced.

It features a 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle, which combines a feminine wash, a posterior wash, and a turbo wash. Turbo wash is a narrow and powerful water stream for washing the back area. It can work like a kind of bidet enema that may help to relieve constipation.

I also like that this toilet bidet can automatically detect how much water it needs to flush according to the time seated. It can help to cut the bill in the long run.

Other features to love to include the heated seat, adjustable temperature, auto deodorizer, night light, and auto open and close lid.

Like the Woodbridge one, this combo doesn’t include any unique feature for preventing adhesion on the bowl. But it has a UV light to sterilize the wand, which is better.


  • Fair price.
  • Stianless steel 3 in 1 nozzel includes a turbo wash function.
  • It can detect which flush to use depending on the seated time.
  • Auto open and close lid included.
  • UV LED for sterilizing the nozzle.


  • The air dryer is not very powerful so you need to take some time to dry off.

4. Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet with Integrated Toilet G400

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This is another good model from TOTO. Thus, you can expect the same reliability and durability from the G400.

The G400 shares a lot of features, with the Neorest one on the top of the list. These positive qualities include the auto open and close lid, adjustable temperature and pressure, heated seat, dryer, and deodorizer. The CEFIONTECT glaze and PreMist function are not missing either.

All and all, G400 comes with all the critical features for a good toilet bidet combo. Nonetheless, compared with the Neorest 700H, it doesn’t have a night light and the EWATER+ function.

You should decide if these two features are necessary for you since this model can save you a bunch of money.


  • Very hygienic due to many cleaning functions.
  • Eliminates odors and ensures comfortable seating.
  • Various wand spray patterns.
  • Ensures no solid build upon the inner surface of the bowl.
  • Low profile with an attractive finish.


  • The front wand spray tends to fall a little short.
  • Dryer takes a lot of time to dry efficiently.
  • No EWATER+ feature.
  • No night light.

5. KOHLER K-5401-PA-0

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If you thought Toto owned monopoly on the best bidet toilet combo, you were mistaken. Kohler is also a giant when it comes to manufacturing bathroom utilities.

The K5401 is a compact and streamlined toilet that could blend very well with the modern bathroom.

It adds much more room and comfort. For added convenience, a heated seat is included to adjust the temperature to your liking easily.

You can even set the temperature of the wand according to your preferences. If you’re worried about a sudden bout of cold water, then perhaps the tankless design will put your mind at ease. You can flush at either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush for more efficient water conservation.

The wand is equipped with a UV light and uses electrolyzed water to cleanse itself to ensure superior hygiene. The Kohler is the epitome of luxury with various features such as a deodorizer, air drying system, and a nightlight.

To help you feel squeaky clean, the seat as well as the cover automatically open up and close down without you having to touch it at all. The touchscreen remote control ensures that you can easily adjust the setting according to your preference.

Apart from the obvious learning curve, the Kohler is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Of course, it also comes with a high price tag, just like the TOTO ones.


  • Can be adjusted for individual comfort.
  • Includes partial and full flush technology.
  • The wand can easily clean itself.
  • Tankless water design for an endless supply of warm water.
  • You don’t have to touch the seat or the lid.


  • Expensive.
  • A large learning curve.
  • Deodorizer is not as efficient.


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Well, the last one is also from TOTO but a bit cheaper. It simply combines a TOTO S550E washlet and an Aquia IV two-piece toilet, meaning it is not as integrated as other models we mentioned above.

Different from placing a bidet seat on your original toilet, this combo has changed some designs, allowing the bidet seat to fit the toilet more closely. However, you still need to flush the toilet yourself, just like using a bidet seat.

It has all the advanced features, including the night light, auto lid, various spray modes, and even the EWATER+ feature that G400 can’t have.

If you can put up with the fact that you have to flush the toilet on your own, this bidet toilet combo is a good option.


  • Cheaper model from TOTO
  • EWATER+ included.
  • Highly durable and sturdy build.


  • You have to flush the toilet separetely.

What Is A Bidet Toilet Combo?

The bidet toilet combo is quite different from the bidet toilet seat.

The bidet seat is actually installed onto an existing toilet. All you have to do is remove your regular toilet seat and replace it with a bidet toilet seat. Simply connect it to a water line, and you’re good to go. They are pretty easy to install.

The combo, on the other hand, is a one-piece toilet where the toilet is integrated with the bidet. The main advantage is that a toilet seat might not fit all toilets. These are universal. They can be used anywhere and by anyone. It is a new type of bidet.

These combos come with a wide variety of features such as automatic flush, automatic lid. This means you won’t have to touch the toilet at all. Night lights, heated seats, air dryers, and deodorizers are also quite common among these.

What To Look For When Buying A Bidet Toilet Combo

Not many people have used a bidet toilet combo before, and they have no clue how to choose a good one. Actually, you can decide according to a few factors I listed below:


The greatest thing to have a bidet toilet combo is that you can get a luxurious experience since it has so many advanced features. Not every combo has the same features, and these below are the norm:

Heated seat

Sitting on a cold seat in winter is torture, and a heated seat is a basic function for a toilet with a built-in bidet. You are able to adjust the seat temperature and turn it off on hot days.

Feminine wash

The feminine wash is a spray mode specializing in cleaning the lazy bits. Some models will use a separate nozzle to achieve this purpose, and others will include an extra hole on the nozzle.

Auto open and close lid

The lid will open when you approach the toilet and close when you leave it. You don’t have to touch the toilet, which is excellent for people with disabilities.

Auto flushing

Most models in our list have this function. The toilet can automatically flush when detecting you have done your business. Along with the auto lid, the only thing you need to do is stand up.

Night light

A night light can lead your way in the middle of the night without waking you up entirely. It also helps to prevent falls which are often happened in seniors.

Low flow

Usually, bidet toilet combos are eco-friendly. It will use less water per flush than a standard toilet. Don’t worry! It can take away all the waste still.

Air dryer

If you want to ditch toilet paper forever, you will need an air dryer. It will work after the spray and let the heated air dry you off. It will take a few minutes to get the job done though. Otherwise, you will need a few squares of toilet paper or a bidet towel to dab your butt.

Sterilized water

Sterilized water can help to clean the nozzle and toilet bowl. It could prevent the build-up on the bowl surface and in the nozzle. You will benefit from it as it can protect you from infections and save more time for cleaning.


The bidet toilet combo is the most expensive category of bidet overall. So setting a budget is crucial. You can get an affordable one for less than $1000, but the high-end models can cost you more than $5000.

Usually, models from TOTO and Kohler have a higher price tag than other competitors, but they often have more mature technology to trust. For example, the TOTO Neorest series is often known as the most advanced model in the industry.

If you are on a budget, you could either get a multifunctional item from a less well-known brand or a model from a reputable brand with fewer features.


The toilet is an essential fixture in your bathroom. While purchasing a toilet bidet combo, you should think about if its design could blend seamlessly with your decor.

If you have a modern and sleek bathroom, you may not like the ones with a bulkier water tank.

Also, remember to consider the color of the toilet, ensuring it is compatible with your sink, bathtub, and so on.


The best overall bidet toilet combo in our list is the Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H as it includes almost all the advanced technologies in the industry right now and will bring you a real ultimate experience. However, it is truly expensive.

The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S is a sensible option for people on a budget. It is low-priced but still embedded with the most important features.

So, whether it’s the comfort you desire on the throne in the cold early mornings or hygiene in all aspects of life, you can never go wrong with a toilet with a built-in bidet.

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