Bidet Etiquette: All the Rules You Need to Follow

Many of us don’t know what to do when we first see a bidet in the hotel or our friends’ home. We don’t know how to use it in a polite way and how to avoid any mess. Don’t get overwhelmed. I feel you and want to share this bidet etiquette guide with you so that you can deal with any bidet confidently and politely.

bidet etiquette

I try to cover these rules according to different scenarios to cater to most people’s needs.

Bidet etiquette at home

After knowing how to use a bidet, you may find more details you want to figure out about it. For example, you may be curious about correctly using a bidet towel.

Honestly, there is not much bidet etiquette to follow if you live alone. However, when you live with your family, there are some rules you should know. Some of the rules also apply to other places we will mention later in this post.

  • If you are a boy or man, don’t forget to lift the seat every time you want to pee and put it back when you are done. Nobody wants to sit on a wet seat, and it is polite behavior for your loved ones.
  • Some people enjoy a higher water pressure, and some others don’t. If you are the only one in your home who wants a powerful water stream or higher water temperature, you can return the setting to its original setup after you are done with your business. It will be beneficial for your parents and kids. It would not be a big issue for people who have an electric bidet.
  • For the family who agrees to use a bidet towel instead of toilet paper, give each person a few towels with a dedicated color. You need to identify which one is yours to prevent any possible infections.
  • Remember to clean the floor if you get it wet. The slippery floor is the leading cause of falls, leading to some severe consequences. 

Bidet etiquette for a guest

As more and more people decide to get on the bidet trends, it is not uncommon that you will find a bidet in your friends’ home. You want to be a good guest and want to make your friend happy, so what should you pay attention to when using a bidet as a guest? 

Except for the bidet etiquette at home, more details need to be taken into account.

  • Ask if you can use the bidet or not. Some people don’t want to share the bidet with others, and it is understandable since it is an intimate cleaning gadget after all. If the host doesn’t feel comfortable with it, you could continue to use toilet paper or other bidet alternatives.
  • Don’t use any towel in the bathroom as a bidet towel unless the host prepares a dedicated one for you. It is very rude to touch other people’s stuff and leads to infections.
  • Ask them if you don’t know how to use a bidet in your host’s bathroom. Don’t fiddle the settings, which may lead to malfunction in the end.
  • To avoid any mess, you can just leave it alone. Wipe your butt and flush the toilet. You are all set.

Bidet etiquette for a host

To make your guest at home, there is some bidet etiquette that a host should follow. Put yourself in the shoes of the guest and prepare what they need before arriving.

  • Even if you don’t use toilet paper anymore, it is always great to prepare some of it in the bathroom. It is possible that your guest doesn’t know how to or just doesn’t want to use a bidet. Don’t leave your guest sitting on the toilet thinking about if they ought to ask for help from you.
  • Preparing some new bidet towels for guests who are used to using a bidet is nice. In this way, they can choose to dab either with a bidet towel or with two sheets of toilet paper.
  • Offering a bathroom without a bidet is better if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the bidet with your guest.
  • Clean the bathroom frequently before and during the visit. Provide a clean and comfortable toileting experience for your guest.

Bidet etiquette at hotel or airbnb

standalone bidet in a hotel

If you travel to European countries,  you are likely to see a standalone bidet next to the toilet. I covered pretty much all the etiquette for other types of bidets. This section will focus on the standalone bidet that you can often find in a hotel.

  • Don’t pee or poop in the standalone bidet. The purpose of a standalone bidet is to clean your butt after using the toilet. So you’d better stick to its purpose. Unlike the toilet, the standalone bidet is similar to a sink with a very narrow drain. Hence, the feces can clog the drain.
  • Don’t wash your feet in a standalone bidet. I understand how convenient you think to wash your feet in a low standalone bidet. However, it is not designed for this purpose, and the sands on your feet could clog the plumb. 
  • Please don’t use it as a waste bin. I think other places have a rubbish bin. Please don’t throw any used toilet paper or other waste in it.
  • It is not a pet bathtub. It is something for personal hygiene, not for your lovely pet. 


You see, there is not too complicated bidet etiquette to follow. Whether you are a host, a guest, or just a family member at home, you should always consider others who will use the bidet next to you. 

If you are a guest, ask if it is OK to use a bidet. Don’t use the bidet towel if it is not prepared for you, and it is gross. It will be very kind if you remember to return the settings to their default setting. 

Don’t use a standalone bidet for other purposes. You can’t pee or poop in it and don’t put anything else in it because the drain is as narrow as a kitchen sink. Washing your feet or your pet in it or using it as a rubbish bin is not polite. 

At last, if you still feel too nervous about using a bidet, you can continue to use toilet paper, especially when you visit others or are traveling.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.