Bidet Electrical Requirements ( 8 Questions & Answers)

Among all bidets, only electric bidet toilet seats are powered by electricity. Therefore, this post will address all the electrical requirements you want to know while using and installing electric bidet seats.

Bidet Electrical Requirements

I will answer these related questions as simply as possible so that everyone can understand them regardless of which model they are using.

1. How much electricity does a bidet use?

A few factors will determine how much electricity a bidet will use. 

For example, a bidet seat with a tank-type heater will consume much more electricity than a bidet with a tankless water heater as it will heat the water 24/7. 

The bidet seat with an energy-saving mode can save more electricity than the ones without this feature.

In addition, how many people share the bidet also matters. If you live alone, the bidet will consume much less electricity than a 4-person household. 

Suppose the bidet will be used 15 minutes a day, and the heater will use 250W per hour. Let’s calculate how much electricity does a bidet use. Note that it is just a rough calculation to give an idea about it, and I will use data from some popular bidet models.

ModelMax Power
Heater TypeElectricity Needed Per Month
TOTO Washlet S550E1444WTankless 14.4 kWh
Bio Bidet BB 20001400WTankless 14 kWh
TOTO Washlet C100406WTank-type180 kWh

You see, a higher-end electric bidet seat usually uses 14 kWh per month, which is about 170 kWh per year, while an entry-level bidet seat can use up to 2100 kWh per year, which is a lot. (Note that TOTO Washlet C100 has an energy-saving mode, therefore it will not cost as much as the data shown in the table.)

If you want to save more electricity, you should opt for a model with a tankless water heater. 

2. How many Amps does a bidet use?

Electric bidet seats sold in North America are operated on 110 V. Based on this data, you can know how many amps your bidet use.

ModelMax Power
Heater TypeAmps
TOTO Washlet S550E1444WTankless 13.1
Bio Bidet BB 20001400WTankless 12.7
TOTO Washlet C100406WTank-type3.7

High-end electric bidet seats have more features so that they tend to have a higher max power consumption. Accordingly, they will have higher Amps.

I can’t find many models that can exceed the power consumption of TOTO washlet S550E, and its Amps is 13.1. 

Therefore we can conclude that the Amps a bidet use can range from 3 to 13.5.

3. What type of electrical outlets do bidet toilet seats require?

A 15 amp 3-prong grounded GFCI protected outlet will fit most bidet toilet seats.

For safety considerations, you should use an outlet that can exceed the load of your appliance and is 3-prong grounded.

As you know, most American households use 15 amp outlets. That will fit the electrical requirement of most bidet seats based on the data I mentioned above.

However, if your bidet has a higher power consumption, you’d better prepare a dedicated line for it.

4. Can you plug a bidet into an extension cord?

Yes. You can use an extension cord with a bidet. However, one thing worth mentioning is that you should get a 3-prong extension cord that can handle at least 15 amp and plug it into a GFCI protected 15 amp outlet.

Don’t let the extension cord sit on the ground as it may cause a trip hazard.

5. How long are the bidet power cords?

In general, bidet power cords are 4ft long on average. For example, the power cord length of TOTO washlet S550E is 3.94 ft (1.2 m). The cord of Bio Bidet BB2000 is also 1.2 m long.

6. How close can an outlet be to a toilet?

It will depend on how long the bidet power cord is and where it extends out.

If the cord extent out from the right-hand side, then mount the outlet on the right side of the wall behind the toilet, and the cord can reach it. If you have a toilet with a water tank, you should also make sure the outlet is lower than the tank so that the tank will not block it.

7. Is GFCI necessary for an outlet of the bidet?

The GFCI outlet is required to install in places with high moisture, such as bathrooms. It protects against electrocution, which often happens when the circuit comes into contact with water. Therefore, installing a GFCI protected outlet for a bidet is also necessary. 

However, your bidet will still work with a non-GFCI outlet. But it is better to be safe than sorry, and you should ask an electrician to install a GFCI protected outlet for you.

8. Do I need a dedicated circuit for my bidet?

Usually, you don’t need to install a dedicated circuit for the electric bidet seat. It would work fine with the shared circuit in the bathroom. After all, you will only use it for less than 20 minutes per day.

However, if your house uses a dated electrical code that the bidet shared a circuit with light in the bathroom, the light can start to flicker. Then you’d better install a dedicated circuit for your bidet.

Sum up

Installing an electric bidet toilet seat is not a complicated task to do. However, there are some electrical outlet requirements to meet. 

You have to make sure a 3-prong GFCI protected 15 amp outlet is installed on the wall behind the toilet. It is better if the outlet is lower than the tank. 

Usually, a shared circuit will be fine, but if you find the light flickering from time to time, then having a dedicated circuit would be a better solution.

Last but not least, choosing an electric bidet seat with a tankless heater can save you much more money in the long run even though it is a bit pricier upfront.

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.