14 Best Bidet Converter Kits In 2022 – Change Your Life!

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Bidets have been around for hundreds of years. However, it just become trendy in the US in recent years. Unlike our ancestors, we have many choices to choose from nowadays. For example, rather than installing a completely independent bidet, we can use a bidet converter kit.

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It is good to have many options. It does, however, mean that you will have to spend more time deciding which one to go with. If you’re not sure which bidet converter kit is right for you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I will introduce all of the different types of converter kits and then recommend the best ones for each. After reading this article, I believe you will find one that meets your requirements.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of using a bidet converter kit

If you are on the fence about buying a bidet converter kit, understanding its benefits is important. 

While all of the bidets share some benefits, like providing you a cleaner butt and being more environmentally friendly, bidet converter kits are better choices for many of us. 

Bidet converter kits are more affordable 

The classic independent ceramic bidet usually costs around a few hundred dollars and the price of a bidet toilet combo can be as high as a few thousand dollars. Both options are not budget-friendly. 

Bidet convert kits have a much wider price range. You can easily get one for under $50 and reap the benefits of a bidet.

Bidet converter kits are renter-friendly

If you live in an apartment, there is a high likelihood that the property owner will not allow you to make any permanent modifications to the bathroom. 

Luckily, you can install a bidet converter on any apartment. The installation is straightforward without damaging the floor or walls. Since you can restore the bathroom to its original setup easily, most property owners will not mind. 

Bidet converter kits are easy to install

You can install it yourself in 15 minutes, regardless of the type of kit you buy. However, you should have some expertise if you want to install a separate bidet. Otherwise, you need to pay the high labor cost. 

Types of bidet converter kits

The bidet converter kit refers to the equipment that can convert a standard toilet into a bidet. It includes a few types of bidets which you should figure out one by one if you are new to this world. 

Bidet attachment 

A bidet attachment, as the name suggests, is a toilet attachment that sits between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. It is designed to fit almost any standard toilet and does not require any toilet parts to be removed.

Most bidet attachments only spray cold water and have limited features. 

Handheld bidet 

The handheld bidet has been used for a long time in other countries. It looks like the sprayer in the kitchen but this one is installed next to the toilet. You can use it to wash your butt or clean your bathroom. It is multifunctional.

Non electric bidet seat

You have to remove your toilet seat when you want to install a non electric bidet seat. It is similar to a standard toilet seat but it can spray water from the nozzle after you do your business. 

Like bidet attachments, most of them are cold water models. You can connect it with the hot water line at home if you have a dual-temp unit. 

Non electric bidet seats are usually a bit more expensive than attachments and handheld bidets but they still don’t have many fancy features either. 

Electric bidet seat 

If you have a larger budget, purchasing an electric bidet seat is a good idea. It has many advanced functions, such as different spray patterns, built-in deodorizers, dryers, and heated toilet seats, because it is powered by electricity.

I’ve created a comparison table below to help you decide which type is best for you.

Type of bidet converter kitAdvantagesDisadvantages
Bidet attachmentAffordable. You can get a good one for under $100.
Easy to install.
You can keep your original toilet seat
Self-cleaning nozzle.
Most models only spray cold water.
Only water pressure and temperature (only for dual temp models) are adjustable.
Handheld bidet sprayerLow price tag.
Many units are under $50.
Easy to install.
Multifunctional: you can use it to clean your pets or the bathroom.
Most models only have cold water.
No self-cleaning feature.
A bit hard to control at the beginning.
Non electric bidet seatIt can integrate with your toilet very well.
Affordable price.
Most models don’t have a self-cleaning and warm water feature.
You need to remove your current toilet seat.
Electric bidet seatEasy to install.
A lot of advanced features: adjustable water temperature, seat temperature, and water pressure, various spray modes, warm air dryer, deodorizer, and auto open and close lid
Need an outlet nearby.

Best bidet converter kits

Now that you have a rough idea about why and which type of bidet converter kit to purchase, let’s look at some good models in each category. 

Cold water bidet attachment converter kit

For those who are not sure if a bidet is your type of thing, you can start with a cold water bidet attachment. This converter kit is affordable and has adjustable water pressure and a self-cleaning nozzle (for certain units). 

It has the most essential function of a bidet and you will not lose much if you want to remove it later.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Luxe is a trustworthy brand of bidet converter kit. I never regret buying products from it. 

My first bidet attachment, the Neo 120, has been in service for a year with no issues. While it is a basic model, it is made of high-quality materials and will last for years.

It comes with 2 knobs on the side: one is for controlling water pressure and the other one is for activating self-cleaning mode. When it is not in use, there is a guard gate in front of the nozzle to avoid any potential waste splash on it. 

However, it doesn’t have a feminine wash nozzle. Sometimes, I need to wiggle around on the toilet to get into the right position. 

Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-250 

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This Thinline simplespa is a good choice for those who prefer a simple and sleek design.

It has a thin profile, as the name suggests. You will feel at ease using it because there is almost no space between the seat and the bowl.

Unlike the Neo 120, it has a feminine wash feature, which means it can clean your back and front separately. It also comes in a single-nozzle version that is slightly less expensive.

Warm water bidet attachment converter kit

When cold winter comes, using a cold water bidet attachment can be agony for some people. Even though bidet water is not exactly cold, having a warm water model could bring you a much better experience in some cases. 

Warm water bidet converter kits are less than cold water ones. There are two models that are popular in the market. 

Luxe Neo 320

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This is another bidet attachment I got from Luxe and is one of the best warm water attachments I can find in the market at that moment 

Neo 320 includes all the features a non electric bidet converter kit can have. By turning the knob on the top, you can adjust the water pressure and temperature together. You can use cold water by turning the knob on the left and warm water by turning it on the right. 

The second knob is for washing position and self-cleaning wash. When you turn the knob clockwise, you can change the washing mode from rear wash to feminine wash, and then to self-cleaning. This model has two separate nozzles. 

Just like NEO 120, using it is very smooth. It can take more time to install since I have to connect it to the hot water line under the sink. Despite my lack of expertise, I managed to install it myself.

Tushy Classic 3.0 Spa

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Tushy is a bidet brand that is good at marketing. But their products are of high quality and have good-looking.

This 3.0 Spa model has a bit higher price than its counterpart. But I personally really like its chic design.

On the side panel, it has two knobs and one angle adjuster which you can use to control the water temperature, water pressure, spray angle, and activate the self-cleaning function. Controlling them is very smooth since they are ergonomic.  

There are a few materials of knobs available to lend themselves to your bathroom decor. 

If you have decided to buy a bidet attachment, there are more models for your reference. 

Cold water non electric bidet seat converter kit

If you don’t want your bidet converter kit as obtrusive as an attachment, you can consider using a non electric bidet seat. It looks just like a standard toilet seat with an extra nozzle to spray water.

Note that you should pick one that can fit with your toilet. Usually, these seats have an elongated version and a round version.

GenieBidet Non Electric Bidet Seat

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This model is made with durable materials and can last for a long time.

The operation is straightforward. Rather than turning the two knobs on the side panel, there is only one lever need to be adjusted.

It features a dual nozzle design. By turning it clockwise or counter-clockwise,  you can change the mode from feminine wash to rear wash. During this process, the water will clean the nozzle as well. 

Bio Bidet by Bemis Slim Zero Manual Bidet Seat

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This Bio Bidet unit is very similar to the GenieBidet one I mentioned above. It has a dual nozzle to clean the lazy bits and rear separately. You can control it through a side lever too. 

The soft close lid is very strong and can hold up your weight easily. Another feature worth mentioning is that it includes a battery-powered night light. 

Many seniors require this function since they may need to use the bathroom at night. With a night light, it can show you the way and prevent falls without waking you up completely. 

Hot water non electric bidet seat converter kit

Installing a dual temp non electric bidet or a dual temp bidet attachment is more or less the same. By mixing the hot water and cold water from the different water lines, you can enjoy the stream of warm water.

Brondell Swash Ecoseat S102

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Brondell S102 is the best warm water unit I can find in the market. It has two side levers: one to control the water temperature and one to control the washing position.

Albeit you can’t find a self-cleaning sign on the seat, it will activate when you change the washing position. 

The unit is well-made and reasonably priced, though it is slightly more expensive than the cold water version.

Please make sure there is a sink nearby and on the same wall before purchasing it. 

Want to know more about non-electric bidet seats? Check here. 

Cold water handheld bidet converter kit 

Handheld bidets are extremely budget-friendly and universal. Because it is separate from the toilet itself, it can be installed close to any toilet. Most handheld bidet converter kits only have cold water. 

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer

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This Purrfectzone sprayer is a low-cost option that you should not overlook. While it is inexpensive, it does not sacrifice quality.

The hose and sprayer are made of stainless steel and are leak-proof. You can adjust the water stream by pushing the sprayer’s trigger or adjusting the T-adaptor installed on the water pipe.

However, the sprayer is large, making it unsuitable for small toilets or users with large torsos because it must be inserted into the bowl while in use.

Rinsework Aquaus 360

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This handheld bidet has a much smaller sprayer, making it suitable for most users and toilets. 

Even better, it comes with a few sprayer heads and a head extension so that you can enjoy different spray patterns. It is a model that can meet the needs of all your family members even if the product price is a bit higher. 

The 360-degree water pressure controlling switch is also impressive, which is easy to control for the trigger. 

However, you should be careful when holding the head since it is made with ABS which is more prone to damage.

Hot water handheld bidet converter kit

Finding a proper warm water handheld bidet is not as easy as walking in the park. Moreover, it involves some plumbing work in the installing process.

TRUSTMI Hot And Cold Bidet Spray

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This dual temp model from Trustmi is made with solid materials and would be a long-lasting partner in the bathroom. 

By turning on the lever on the panel or adjusting the T-valve, you can set the spray temperature at any level you prefer. It has a sleek design that can blend seamlessly with most decors. 

Nevertheless, it is advised to conceal with a pipe that connects the hot water line with the sprayer in the wall, meaning that you have to hire a pro to do it unless you have the expertise.

Check other handheld bidet sprayer models we recommend here.

Electric bidet converter kit 

Electric bidet toilet seats are not exactly light on the pocket, but they can offer the most advanced features that many people desire. In this section, I want to introduce 4 models from entry-level to high-end so you can pick what you want. 

SmartBidet SB-1000 

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This is an entry-level electric bidet converter kit that is affordable. It has all the essential functions, like a heated seat, adjustable water pressure and temperature, and adjustable nozzle positions. 

Different from using other types of converter kits, you don’t need to wiggle around or change your own position anymore. It also has an oscillation mode to clean your front and rear thoroughly. You can adjust these settings through remote control.

Like many low-end models, it comes with a water reservoir that will store the heated water. It makes the water stream has a stable temperature in the beginning, however, it also means that the warm water will run out soon. 

TOTO Washlet K300

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If you want to enjoy the endless warm water, my go-to recommendation is TOTO Washlet K300. TOTO Washlet is a famous brand in this category and many people even equal washlet to electric bidet seats. Therefore, you can rest assured of its quality. 

Featuring a slim design, your guests may not be able to tell it at the first glance. Except for adjustable water pressure and temperature, this model can store the personal settings for two users. 

The Ewater function is also a nice touch since it can sterilize the wand before and after each use. 

Bio Bidet BB 2000

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BB 2000 is a high-end model of Bio Bidet with many favorable features. For example, it has a vortex mode which can offer a powerful water stream and give you a kind of bidet enema. It also has a pulsation mode which can bring you a massage experience. 

More than that, it has a stainless steel nozzle which is more durable and easy to clean. The night light is a nice touch for seniors and kids as I mentioned above. 

Other common functions like the deodorizer, air dryer, and power-saving mode are also available. 

TOTO Washlet S550E

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If you don’t change your mind and insist on using a bidet converter kit, S550E is one of the most advanced models on the market right now even though it is expensive.

In addition to all the basic functions, it has an EWATER+ function like the K300 model but goes a step further because it can not only clean the wand but also the bowl. In this way, much fewer residues will leave behind, saving your effort and time cleaning your toilet.

The premist will spray water intermittently to prevent impurities from adhering to the surface of the bowl. 

Beyond that, it has an auto-open and close lid. The lid will open automatically when you step into the bathroom and close when you leave the room. This feature is helpful for people with weak hands or disabilities. 

This model also has a night light. 

Check other great electric bidet seat models here.

Considerations when buying a bidet converter kit

If you have made up your mind about buying a converter kit and decided which type to go with, there are a few things to keep an eye on. 

Toilet type 

If you want to buy an electric or non electric bidet seats, you should pay close attention to the type of toilet. Most toilets are elongated toilets or round toilets. You should make sure the bidet you pick can fit it. 

Please contact your manufacturer or seller if you have a toilet with a unique shape. Otherwise, you should purchase a handheld bidet or an attachment that is much more universal. 


Installing a cold water model is usually easier than installing a warm water model. If you intend to purchase a warm water converter kit, you should think about how to connect it to the hot water line. 

Sometimes, you have to drill a hole in the cabinet under the sink or put the hose on the floor or make other modifications. 

In addition, there should be an outlet nearby if you want to install an electric unit. 

When the installation process becomes complicated, you may need to hire a professional which can cost a lot of money. 


Nobody wants to set a budget while shopping, but it is necessary. If you’re on a tight budget, bidet attachments and handheld bidets are better options.

If you have a larger budget, you can get a lot of great features by purchasing electric seats.


Bidet converter kits are great innovations for those who don’t want to install a separate bidet. You can enjoy the benefits of a bidet with less money and plumbing work. 

Bidet attachments and handheld bidets are more universal, whereas bidet seats can blend better with your current toilet. Electric converter kits have a lot more features, but non electric kits are more affordable. 

Pay attention to the installation if you intend to install a non electric warm water model since you have to connect it to the hot water line at home.

The best bidet converter kits in this post are good models for your reference if you have decided to purchase one.

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