Bidet Attachment vs. Bidet Seat: Pick the Right One

Since there are a few types of bidets on the market, it could be a daunting task to decide which one to go to. Sometimes, it is a matter of preference, but sometimes it is up to your budget, health conditions, and other circumstances. If you hesitate to buy a bidet attachment or a bidet seat, you come to the right place.

bidet attachment vs. bidet seat

I will compare these two types of bidets from various perspectives to determine which one is your suitable choice. 

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: functions

water spray modes

Bidet attachments are non-electric, but bidet seats could be electric or non-electric.

As electric bidets are powered by electricity and involve an array of electric components, they are capable of achieving many functions.

Some people are dread using an icy toilet seat on cold days. With an electric bidet seat, it would not be an issue anymore. Almost all the electric bidets have heated seats, and you can even adjust the temperature. 

For those who want to ditch toilet paper forever, electric bidets are your best bet. They come with an air dryer to dry you off. Even though these dryers are not so powerful, they get the job done if you don’t mind waiting for a few minutes.

The nozzles in the electric bidet seats are not intelligent. They could move in different ways to clean the front and back thoroughly. For example, the feminine wash is for genital cleaning, which features a wide and gentle water spray. The pulsating wash provides alternating strong and gentle water streams to give you a comfortable massage. 

Other features include adjustable water pressure and temperature, remote control, auto open and close lids, and deodorizer. 

As for bidet attachment and non-electric bidet seats, they have fewer features. Most of them are cold water bidets, meaning that you have to put up with the cold water in your sensitive area, even on a cold morning. Luckily, there are a few dual-temp models in the market now, and you can get warm water by making use of the hot water line at home. 

Bidet attachment and non-electric bidet seats can’t provide many spray modes for you. Yes, you can adjust the water pressure and temperature (if you have a dual-temp model), the nozzles can’t move back and forth automatically. Every time these wands come out, they stop at the same place. 

They can’t heat the seat, so I don’t recommend getting them if you live in a freezing area. But you can install an attachment with a new heat toilet seat together if you only need to add this feature. 

So, if you want to have a luxury experience, an electric bidet seat is better than an attachment and non-electric bidet seat.

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: water pressure

As there is no internal pressure regulator in the bidet attachment and non-electric bidet seat, they make use of the household’s water supply pressure directly. As you know, the tap water pressure is usually quite high. Therefore, you will feel a stronger water spray in an attachment and non-electric bidet seat.

Electric bidet seats are controlled by internal motors. Therefore they often have lower water pressure which is still powerful enough to get you clean. But some people prefer a strong water stream, and that;w why they don’t want to turn to electric models. 

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: installation

Installing an attachment or bidet seat can be easy peasy in most cases. But in some cases, it could be complicated. I will explain it now. 

To install an attachment, you need to remove the toilet seat and fit the attachment bracket under the seat. Then you can put the seat back. You also need to connect the attachment with the water supply by installing a T-adaptor for importing water. Then you are all set. 

But things could get complex when you install a dual-temp bidet attachment. These models utilize the hot water line that you need to install a valve in the sink nearby. If it is located under the cabinet, you will need to drill a hole to get the hose through to the attachment. It may not be applicable if you live in an apartment.

Installing a bidet seat is also straightforward. You will need to replace the toilet seat and then use a T-adaptor to divert cold water to the bidet. There is no bid difference between installing a bidet seat and a bidet attachment. 

However, you will need an outlet nearby for an electric bidet seat. If it is not available, you will need to hire an electrician to install one for you, which could be pricey. 

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: ease of use 

Using a bidet is not like playing the piano. We hope it could be as simple as possible.

Using a bidet attachment and non-electric bidet is very easy. All you need to do is adjust the lever or knobs on the side. You only need to adjust the water pressure and temperature. 

There is a short learning curve while using an electric bidet seat, but you will quickly get the hang of it. There are a number of buttons on the side panel or remote control for you to control the seat and nozzles. 

Most commonly, you will press the wrong buttons at the beginning. But after a few tries, it will work as you expect. 

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: universality

When it comes to universality, bidet attachments win this round hands down. 

When installing a bidet attachment, you add a bracket under the toilet seat as long as the holes align with the bolts on the toilet. It is good to go. 

However, you must be careful when purchasing a bidet seat because the one fit for a round toilet may not fit for an elongated toilet. If you are a tenant, it is possible that the one that fits your last apartment can’t be installed in your new house.

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: cost

Bidet attachments are much more affordable than bidet seats. Usually, you can get a proper cold water attachment under $30 and a dual-temp attachment under $50. 

A non-electric bidet has a slightly higher price tag. It often cost around $100. Some models from reputable brands could cost more. 

Electric bidet seats usually cost hundreds of dollars, and they are more susceptible to failure and damage as they include many electric parts. Therefore, you may need to repair it occasionally.

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: lifespan

Usually, a good-quality bidet seat can last for six to ten years. Regarding bidet attachments, they can also last for years. 

I advise you to get one built with solid materials regardless of which type of bidet you aim to buy.

Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat: for elderly and people with mobility issues

If you intend to buy a bidet for seniors or people with mobility issues, I highly recommend getting an electric bidet seat with a remote.

If you use an attachment or non-electric bidet seat, you will need to wiggle over to get the water spray at the right places, which is a hassle for these people. 

Using an electric bidet seat, you can adjust the nozzle position on the remote control without changing your own position. Some luxury bidet seats have auto open and close lids, allowing you to do your business hands-free.

Compare the pros and cons

I have compared the attachment and bidet seat thoroughly above. In case you get confused with so much information at once, I want to summarize the pros and cons of each type for you.

Bidet attachments are cheap, have higher water pressure, and are easy to use and install. It is universal equipment.  But they don’t have many features, and most of them only use cold water. You will need to adjust your position to clean both the front and rear.

Non-electric bidet seats are similar to attachments except that you need to replace them with the original toilet seats. 

Electric bidet seats will cost you a few hundred dollars. But they have many useful features such as heated seats, adjustable nozzles, air dryers, and remote control. It is a great choice for people with mobility issues. 

Which one suits you best?

Until now, I hope the information in this post is enough to help you make up your mind. Bidet attachment vs. bidet seat, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. After comparing the pros and cons, you will figure it out!

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Kevin Chow is an enthusiast of home improvement. He is an engineer and likes to test all the tech gadgets on the market. He starts to use bidet seats after his journey to Japan and he had tried a few brands.